Chicago Architecture Firm, STL joins forces with CEL- India’s finest educational consultant firm

CELESTIAL was unveiled on Tuesday the 26th of October by the iconic Head of Sahara, Shri Subrata Roy at a glittering launch event held at the Sahara Star Hotel in Mumbai.

Online PR News – 28-October-2010 – – Pune, 27. 10. 2010 - In December 2009, CII, the Confederation of Indian Industries, extended an invitation to Chicago Design Matters, a group of professionals from Chicago, to participate in a day-long architecture and planning conference in Mumbai. The conference addressed how the architectural experience of Chicago and the lessons we have learned over the last 140 years could be useful to India as it consolidates its position as one of the largest economies in the world facing some of the most challenging demographic growths in history. From this engagement, Luis Collado and Jose Luis de la Fuente, owners and principals of STL, a Chicago architecture firm, discovered a business adventure that had not been anticipated. As architects that have made education their core practice area, Luis and Jose Luis found India to be a fascinating environment in which to initiate work upon a complete educational package for the upcoming educational enterprises.
Since last December, they started a journey of discovery that has developed into a full fledged business initiative in partnership with CEL, India’s most recognized and accomplished educational consultant, which is actively engaged in master planning some of the largest school chains in India, conceptualising and setting up large-gated educational communities and helping foreign universities establish their campuses in India. CEL is being expertly spearheaded by Mr Amreesh Chandra, Vice-President of the company. Together, CEL and STL have joined forces to form Celestial, an initiative providing integrated educational project delivery to private and public entities in South East Asia.
CELESTIAL was unveiled on Tuesday the 26th of October by the iconic Head of Sahara, Shri Subrata Roy at a glittering launch event held at the Sahara Star Hotel in Mumbai.
Shri Subrata Roy was the Chief Guest for the occasion and said appreciatory words for the excellent vision and mission of Celestial for the Education Sector in India.
The event was attended by some of the glitterati of the Mumbai and Delhi and also included some distinguished educationists from United Kingdom.
Some of the Services and Specialised products offered by Celestial are:
Concept Development: In the early stages of the development of an educational product, Celestial provides service, assistance and advice to develop collaterals that define the essence of the project such as name, logo, motto, uniform, prospectus, brochures, handbooks and other such marketing related materials.

Master Planning: Defining the strategy and organizing principles that will govern both the physical and the academic realm of each new project is one of Celestial’s strong pillars. The breadth and depth of this analysis is customized to each project, and it is closely connected to the concepts that were defined in the previous Conceptual Development phase period. During this phase, Celestial will investigate specific site considerations that may influence the physical perception of the product such as zoning, environmental, legal and infrastructural requirements and constraints. With the benefit of due analysis and considering the goals identified in the previous Concept Development phase, our team will develop Master Plan documents for refinement in later phases. The work product of this phase is often used for presentations to government boards or financial institutions that may participate in the venture. In parallel with the development of the Master Plan documents, our business unit develops a detailed financial analysis of the facility to describe the development and long term operation of each of our products. This phase preferably coincides with the owner’s own land acquisition.
Facility and Building Development: During the Facility and Building Development phase, Celestial utilizes a full range of resources ranging from architects and engineers to financial and legal consultants to develop a fully coordinated set of construction documents that can be used to acquire building permits and ultimately construct the facility. This work unfolds through a coordinated series of presentations and meetings with the owner to ensure that the product objectives are fully met. At Celestial we understand the importance of a well-coordinated start-up of academic activities. Our team is equipped to assist our clients during the initial occupancy coordinating the official product launch; as well as all Post-Occupancy challenges which include close monitoring of activities during the first year of operations. Other areas of specialized services include many Key elements such as Surveys and reports, Academic Assessment, Operational Assessment, Infrastructural Assessment, Affiliations & Alliances
Signature Products: Apart from the comprehensive range of services Celestial also has a range of unique products on offer. Celestial has products for every type of client. Whether it be a Celebrity School that is developed around the personality of a celebrity and his or her own morals and values or a Platinum School that can be created for a Corporate to be located in every major city in the country. We also offer Celestial Educational Townships that will house the finest international institutions of learning.