Upload to Facebook and Twitter - mediaBirdy.com Launched

The launch of mediaBirdy.com has now made it easier than ever to update multiple social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook with simultaneous posting of status updates including photo, video and album management.

Online PR News – 28-October-2010 – – Updating multiple Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter has now become easier than ever, with the launch of www.mediabirdy.com. mediaBirdy makes it quick and easy to simultaneously post to Facebook and Twitter with status updates, video, photo and album management.

This free utility also allows users to spontaneously and continually connect with their various social media sites in one step. Further, mediaBirdy has developed the “social badge” that allows new customers, fans and friends a place to discover and interact with all of their social media sites from one place.

“The world of social media is constantly changing, and managing many different accounts becomes very cumbersome,” explained mediaBirdy spokesman Tom McDonald. “mediaBirdy was developed with the idea that you should be able to ‘post once, connect to all’. With the launch of mediaBirdy, users can post content as often as they want and mediaBirdy will broadcast it to the users’ social media accounts, in one step, and in real time, even from their phones.”

Those seeking more information on MediaBirdy, or wanting to discover many newly released features on the site, may visit http://www.mediabirdy.com. There, users can sign in with their Facebook or Twitter log-in, and can view, rate and comment on other user’s videos and pictures, and much more.

About MediaBirdy.com:

Founded in July 2010, mediaBirdy provides a utility to spontaneously and continually connect users across various social sites using media. mediaBirdy also developed the “social badge” which allows new customers, fans and friends to discover and interact with all of their social media sites from one place. mediaBirdy's mission is to provide people the power to share and aggregate their content in one central location, while providing a platform to be heard and discovered.

Source: mediaBirdy.com