Justlook Biometric Face Recognition Door Lock is ‘No Touch’ Technology

Justlook, an India based solution provider for biometric face recognition door lock, operates on ‘No Touch’ technology. Officials claim that this feature makes it beneficial for the clients.

Online PR News – 28-October-2010 – – Justlook, a leading facial detection system provider in India, supplies biometric face recognition door lock all over the country. This application is based on ‘No Touch’ technology. Human contact is not required with the access point in order to gain access to a premise. The mechanism performs its functions automatically. Users only need to face the camera. Face details are verified with the ones stored in the database. On the basis of its results, access is denied or granted to the user. ‘No Touch’ technology is advocated by the company as it reduces the problems of physical damage and inaccuracies.

This device is installed at the access point. When a user seeking entrée into the premises faces the camera, the biometric face recognition door lock allows him access if he is enrolled. If he is not enrolled, the door lock denies him access to the premises. In the entire process, the user need not touch anywhere. ‘No Touch’ technology hardly leaves room for inaccuracies. Unlike fingerprint readers, there is little possibility of false reject rate because of wet or dirty fingers. Justlook officials claim that their equipment provides accurate results. Company believes that this feature makes it hassle-free and easy to use. It is considered to have a notable role to play in attracting clients.

High-profile company official states, “Clients appreciate this feature in our application. They believe that such an aspect makes it hassle-free and easy to use. Advantages associated with it are what attract the clients towards it. It gives the biometric face recognition door lock an edge over other biometric technologies.”

Biometric face recognition door lock is one of the best selling products in the company. The company officials claim that they aspire to conquer the world market with the help of this system. For more information on Justlook and its products, please visit: http://www.justlook.co.in and visit http://www.justlook.co.in/access-control.html for more information for Face Recognition Door Lock System.