Gaffey Technical Services Ltd Unveil New System To Prevent The Spread Of Legionnaires Disease

Gaffey Technical Services Ltd lead the way in innovative systems aimed to combat the spread of lethal legionnaires disease.

Online PR News – 28-October-2010 – – With the recent outbreak of legionnaires disease it has become increasingly more important for people to monitor the chance of a legionella disease outbreak within their home or building. The public and the Health and Safety Executive are becoming more aware of the issue and in response to this, companies are working hard to come up with a way to keep this deadly infection at bay and prevent another outbreak.

Gaffey Technical Services Ltd, a company based in the north of England are leading the way in legionella disease prevention by coming up with a revolutionary new chlorine dioxide dosing system aimed to be installed in all medium to large scale building aptly called ChloriDos™.

The problem with legionella is that legionella infections can thrive in large industrial and commercial water systems, where water is used for both food and drink production in industrial applications or for drinking water in buildings such as office blocks, residential tower blocks, hospitals and large buildings.

The solution is Chlorine Dioxide or Cl02 which is a chemical compound of Chlorine and Oxygen. In the correct dilution in water, Chlorine Dioxide acts as a disinfectant and can eliminate the risk from Legionella and other harmful water borne pathogens.

This method of disinfection is suitable for industrial uses where the treated water is to be used in food and drink production as well as for drinking water situations such as office blocks, residential tower blocks, hospitals and other large buildings.

The ChloriDos™ system is designed and installed by Gaffey's experienced in house engineers and it is the result of many years of research and development. With over 25 years experience in manufacturing safe and reliable water treatment systems, you can be assured that Gaffey will provide a solid service and systems that are built to the highest standards that will provide many years of operation against the battle with Legionella.

Contact Gaffey Technical Services today for more information or simply visit their dedicated ChloriDos™ product website.