HP Group Lead The Way in Social Media SEO

SEO company HP Group announce that social media optimisation more important than ever for successful online marketing campaigns.

Online PR News – 27-October-2010 – – HP Group SEO company have long championed the use of social networking sites as being useful in SEO and have implemented the use of this tool to further client websites in search and their overall profile and all this work is about to pay-off big time.
Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, has teamed up with Facebook and will return results based on the Facebook ‘likes’ of the searchers friends. This is a way of personalising search results that one step further. Twitter updates are already appearing in Google search results working along the same vein.
Of course, this will have an impact on SEO in general but forward thinking experts at HP Group are prepared for this. Technical Director, Ben Milleare, had this to say:
"The social web has long been on the SEO radar as it was inevitable that at some point a single destinations graph would be big enough to create a truly innovative search experience. That private graph is undoubtedly in the possession of Facebook and their recent agreement with Bing is a hugely big deal. Not only is it a powerful blow to Google's seeming dominance of Search, but the personalisation opportunity really does give Microsoft a huge advantage in this space. HP Group actively sought to position ourselves some time ago to take full advantage of this changing search & social landscape, and our integrated service offering is testament to that goal."
So you see, in the case of SEO, social networking related search is a boost and not something to be feared. SEO is all about working alongside search engines as ever evolving entities and the arena of social media is to be embraced.
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