CCM announces launch of Glucono-delta-lactone update report

CCM releases an update market report named Production and Market of Glucono-delta-lactone in China-edition(2) on Oct. 19,2010.

Online PR News – 27-October-2010 – – China is one of the major glucono-delta-lactone (GDL) manufacturing countries in the world. However, the GDL development has kept slow-growth in recent years. The environmental policies on GDL and no new large-scale manufacturers’ entrance are considered the two main reasons. Basing on the original report finished in 2006, CCM releases an update market report named Production and Market of Glucono-delta-lactone in China-edition(2) on Oct. 19,2010. In the new report, CCM shows you the view of the entire industry chain of GDL by making an in-depth study on state industrial policy, technology development, consumption situation, import-export situation, the future development trend of GDL industry, etc.

After about 30-year development, China has become one of the major GDL manufacturing countries in the world, playing an increasingly important role in global GDL supply. As the growth of demand is not as fast as the growth of production, the development trend has been stable in the past few years. The other main reasons are China’s GDL industry facing with huge pressure from environmental policy made by China government and no new large-scale manufacturers engaging in GDL industry in recent years.

In recent years, due to strict policy on environmental protection and intense competition of the industry, some enterprises have stopped their GDL production, such as Hubei Kesheng Chemical Co., Ltd. Haiso Technology Co., Ltd. (former Hubei Research Institute of Chemistry). Hence, GDL production in China is highly concentrated now. Anhui Xingzhou, Jiangsu Zhuoyun and Shandong Kaison are the top three largest GDL companies in China.

To figure out GDL’s production situation in the past few years and in 2010, to keep watch on the dynamic of GDL major manufacturers and exporters as well as to find out GDL’s commercial opportunities in China, CCM starts the GDL research and analysis basing on the previous research experience on the Chinese GDL market. A new updated market report named Production and Market of Glucono-delta-lactone in China-edition (2) comes out in Oct. 19, 2010.

In this newest issue, CCM mainly focuses on the following points:
>The production situation of China’s GDL in the past few years and in 2010
>The previous and current prices of China’s GDL
>The import and export situation of GDL
>The key factors influencing the development of GDL industry
>Industry competition and structure analysis of GDL
>GDL application situation in major end use segments (bean product, meat product, beer, raising agent, etc.)
>Different pathway/methods in industrialized production of GDL(fermentation method and catalytic oxidation method)
>Forecast for the development trends of GDL in the following five years
>The profile of 9 active producers including Anhui Xingzhou, Jiangsu Zhuoyun, Shandong Kaison, Jiangxi Xinganjiang, etc.

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