Xeltek SuperBOT-I is on the market

SuperBOT is the first automated programmer of Xeltek w/ 1400 uph, and lowest cost ever!

Online PR News – 27-October-2010 – – One of the biggest milestone in the history of Xeltek is on stage now. It is a great pleasure to introduce you our first automated programming machine; SuperBOT-I.

SuperBOT-I is a result of hardworking and dedicated effort that continues for many years. Xeltek has been always the biggest candidate for supplying one of the best in all categories it serves for. And SuperBOT can be accepted as a cumulative result of our over 20 years experience in the market, and high technology.

Since early 2009, the first SuperBOT units have been being introduced by Xeltek China. And in a year, it managed to reach dozens of customers. So far, many manufacturers in China have either integrated SuperBOT to their product line, or ordered the additional units. Receiving additional orders from same customer can be explained as follows:

- The unit showed great adaptability to the manufacturing line; and to double the successful results, ordering second unit is desired

- The unit is easily affordable and the value is high

So what makes SuperBOT this much charming?

- Very low price.

- High throughput; up to 1400 devices per hour

- Largest device support in the industry for an Automated Handler.

- Supports thousands of different devices and package types including SOT23

- High performance with integrated SuperPro 5000 units

- Upgradeable with new generation SuperPro Programmers

- Optional attachments w/ 20 tray handler, printer, tape reel & tube attachments, etc…

Supported with many years experience, Xeltek is here to offer you what you deserve. For additional information, please check SuperBOT webpage:


And don’t forget to call us at +1 408 530 8080 or send us an email at info@xeltek.com