Foreclosure Treasure Hunt Makes Winners In Las Vegas Real EstateEstate

Knowledge of where, when and how gives local business opportunity to offer real estate investors an inside track to earning quick profits through Las Vegas foreclosure auctions.

Online PR News – 27-October-2010 – – Las Vegas, NV - October 24, 2010 -- While many think of real estate as a risky gamble, Las Vegas-based Foreclosure Treasure Hunt brings a winning opportunity to the real estate investor.

For more than a decade, Las Vegas experienced tremendous population growth. This growth was fueled by people looking for new job opportunities or affordable retirement locations. This led to an explosion of new housing. Slower economic times and a transition in job opportunities combined to cause many of these homes to roll back to 1999 price levels.

The drop in prices has created an extremely strong buyer's market due to owners who want to realize what gains they can from a sale and move on. There are even better opportunities via foreclosure auctions... if a person knows where to find them and can commit the time it takes to take full advantage of this money-making opportunity.

Foreclosure Treasure Hunt ( ) focuses on the Las Vegas foreclosure auctions and invites prospective investors to succeed with the assistance of their knowledge and experience.

Real estate shoppers can enjoy a free three day and two night stay in Las Vegas. They're taken on a tour of the city as Foreclosure Treasure Hunt staff show the homes that are about to be placed into an upcoming foreclosure auction. Investors can detail what style and size home they're looking for. They can even set the price they want to pay. Foreclosure Treasure Hunt then does the time-consuming leg work.

Foreclosure Treasure Hunt searches all Las Vegas area foreclosure auctions for homes that meet their client's criteria. They attend the auctions, do the bidding and finalize the purchase.

Then the money making begins!

Just as with any investing, timing is everything. Las Vegas is in the midst of a turnaround. New construction will create new hotel rooms, new jobs and new demand for homes and property. Foreclosure Treasure Hunt will partner with buyers in cleaning up and reselling, or flipping, homes purchased at a foreclosure auction. A quick resale of a Las Vegas home can return a 15 to 20% profit in just a few months. The buyer and Foreclosure Treasure Hunt then split the profits 50-50.

If this is done four times in a year, which Foreclosure Treasure Hunt can demonstrate is easily possible, a real estate investor could see up to an 80% total return. It can all start with as little as $40,000.

Ron Hillman of Foreclosure Treasure Hunt ( believes that his company offers a unique real estate investment opportunity especially for those who thought real estate would forever be a club too pricey for them to belong to. Hillman said, "The number of homes and properties the Las Vegas banks and finance companies are sitting on are well above what they're equipped to manage and spend time with to resell. Their sense of urgency has become one of the best money making prospects in real estate I've seen in years. Thanks to the frequency of foreclosure auctions here in Las Vegas, Foreclosure Treasure Hunt has developed a process that allows an investor to repeat the buy and sell process as fast as every three months. If a return is just 10% an investor could triple their money within three years."

It's been estimated that by 2015 more than one million people will be moving to Las Vegas. Buying lower and selling higher is the only tried and true way for investment success. Foreclosure Treasure Hunt offers the opportunity to be ahead of the next rush for housing - and that will put profits into the pockets of investors who start now.

About Foreclosure Treasure Hunt:
Foreclosure Treasure Hunt specializes in following the Las Vegas foreclosure auction market and matches prospective real estate investors with homes and properties that match their style, design and price preferences. Foreclosure Treasure Hunt then partners with clients to purchase these properties with the goal of reselling in the short term to realize a profit. To learn more, visit the company's web site at

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