Collect Sport Memorabilias For Your Team
10/27/2010 is a newly launched website offering sport memorabilia.

Online PR News – 27-October-2010 – – If you're a fan of organised sport, no matter what area your specific interest lies in, you're likely to possess tons of sport memorabilia. After all, you've got to commemorate your team's big wins, don't you? And if you actually play the sport, no matter at what level, that increases the likelihood of your house, or at least your den, looking like Fenway Park during a Red Sox game-if you support the Sox, we mean, of course. But don't let the baseball references turn you away if you're a fan of hockey or football or tennis. A love for the game is often combined with a love for tokens of the game, and that is not a relationship in any way limited to one sport.

Nor is the stock at the Sport Memorabilia Store (, which, as the name proclaims, is an online store that offers and sells sports memorabilia. All sports are equally welcome, here, and lovers of all sports. The home-page currently leads you to a page of Olympic Sport memorabilia, all of which is eminently snaggable, but perhaps the best is the autographed photo of Michael Phelps on the cover of Sports Illustrated, with all his many medals.

The side-bar available on the home-page-and on every other page-allows for easy navigation of the site. The memorabilia is divided according to sport-most of the sports played and popular in the U.S.A, from roller-blading through hockey to wrestling are represented on the site, though the number of items in stock for which might vary according to the relative popularity of the sport. There is, for instance, only a Maria Sharparova poster available in the tennis section, where the NHL section is overflowing with team graphics-however, given how very well-stocked the store is in general terms, it is extremely likely the paucity of tennis memorabilia is temporary.

It's not all just photographs and graphics, of course-though the team posters and other graphics for NHL, NFL, and NBA are worth checking out even if you like none of these sports, simply because they are extremely striking-the site also offers gift certificates, and what better gift for an avid sports fan of your acquaintance than a gift certificate that allows him to buy all the sports memorabilia he wants, and lets you avoid second-guessing? Laptop, ThinkPad, and iPad skins with sports logos and motifs are also available, as are autographed jerseys from your favourite teams.

So visit the webshop at