New hand-supported tripod alternative camera stabilizer

Introducing HandlePod, the only tripod alternative that is designed to be held against any solid object with simple hand pressure alone. It provides dependable, tripod-like stability without the weight and bulk.

Online PR News – 27-October-2010 – – Introducing New Hand-Supported Camera Stabilizer

Most photographers have had occasion to take night or low light photographs that cry out for a tripod and haven’t had one, especially when traveling. What to do? One common solution is to hold the camera against the nearest solid object, a wall or post, and hope for the best. This provides some measure of stability, but is awkward and uncertain. A camera body isn’t designed to connect to anything but your hand or a tripod.

HandlePod solves the problem with a 3-axis rotating camera mount attached to a comfortable handle backed by four rubber-tipped feet. Hold the HandlePod against any solid surface, aim the camera and shoot. Light hand pressure and the four high-friction rubber feet assure a stable, non-slip camera platform that eliminates motion blur just like a tripod. Yet HandlePod fits in a pocket and weighs just four ounces. It is the only tripod alternative device that depends on the one tool you always have handy—your hand!

Four feet take on the real world. Three tripod legs are great on a level surface like the ground. But a lot of potential camera supports are vertical. Often they are not flat but round or have corners—not tripod friendly. HandlePod’s four rubber-tipped feet will straddle round or cornered surfaces for solid four-point contact and a firm, motion-free grip. And it works on a flat surface too. On level ground or a tabletop it is self-supporting just like a mini-tripod.

Elastic shock cord assures solid connection. HandlePod comes with an elastic cord for a firm attachment to anything you can wrap the cord around. And it stretches to over four feet so large objects are no problem. Power poles, tree trunks, sign posts. . .all are potential camera supports for the HandlePod. Just slip the cord into the slot in the handle, wrap it around any convenient object and cinch the free end back in the slot. This holds the camera firmly in place for hands-free operation—perfect for self-portraits. Pressure from the elastic on the HandlePod’s rubber feet offers another benefit, absolute rigidity! Properly secured with the shock cord, the HandlePod is impossible to move. Use it in places where bendy legs, Velcro straps, or sticky back devices don’t stand a chance—moving vehicles, for example. HandlePod will attach to a car mirror, motorcycle forks, roll bars on an ATV, anything you can attach the cord to for fabulous moving video. And HandlePod won’t come loose no matter how rough things get.

Sometimes you just need a good handle. HandlePod also helps in situations where a support object isn’t available. Its handle provides a firm grip and improved leverage for hand-held photos in low light. The handle extends to the side of the camera for more steadying power and a solid, two-handed grip. This is an important advantage with today’s extremely small, lightweight still and video cameras. Since all digital cameras today will shoot video, some in HD, HandlePod also helps eliminate jumpy shaky video that is hard to avoid with such small cameras. HandlePod enhances the built in camera stabilization for smoother, shake-free video.

HandlePod’s features make it the logical tripod alternative. Three-axis rotation makes composition easy. The camera can be pointed in any direction without the limitations found in ball joints. The camera mount operates by friction only, no locking mechanism to loosen and secure. Camera movement is smooth and easy. The slotted camera mount accommodates cameras regardless of the position of the tripod thread. Cameras can be centered on the mount, leaving plenty of clearance for horizontal or vertical composition regardless of the support object used. The tapered slot in the handle holds the supplied shock cord securely with no slippage. Rubber-tipped feet grip surfaces firmly making HandlePod easy to hold securely in place with light hand pressure. Many other HandlePod uses are detailed on our web site at

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