Next Generation Cutting Edge Dynamic Duo Internet Marketers Launches a 10 Day NextGenGiveaway

Malcolm Chua and Vincent Cheng launches NextGen Giveaway to Give Out New Generation Internet Marketing Products from 18th to 28th Nov 2010.

Online PR News – 27-October-2010 – – 27 October 2010, California, United States - Malcolm Chua and Vincent Cheng, both touted as Search Engine and Social Media Experts respectively, has come out with an online giveaway event, targeted to Next Generation Internet Marketers. The event is aptly named, NextGenGiveaway (

They are currently looking for other Next Generation Marketers to contribute a free product to be given away in this event in order to receive opt-ins and build your mailing list. You can contribute at

Malcolm and Vincent has been Internet Marketing for the past 6 years.

You can check their credibility by visiting their Facebook Fan Page with thousands of followers on the topic of Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing at:

Vincent Cheng's FB Fan Page: (with over 12,000 fan members)

Malcolm Chua's FB Fan Page: (with over 7000 fan members)

They are launching a Giveaway event, namely, NextGenGiveaway, whereby they are looking for Product Owners to contribute to our Givewaway event, and in return get opt-ins and sign-ups to your autoresponder and list, and of course, mail out to your own list to promote the NextGenGiveaway on the launch date of:

18 Nov 2010 - 28 Nov 2010

The Giveaway also runs a contest whereby, if you are the top promoter and referrer through your unique contributor link, you can win up to a cash price of USD 400.

Top 5 contributor will receive a cash price too.

Further to that, in return, they will also will help in any of your product launches by reciprocal mailing if you are the top 5 referrer to our Giveaway event, and they hope to build a long term relationship with you.

Adding on to that, both Malcolm and Vincent have close to 80,000 in email list and multiple Facebook Group to mail out on our end to boost the giveaway event, GUARANTEEING you tonnes of new subscribers, and they are not included as the top 5 winners of the referral contest as they are both the hosts. So the prices above is purely for YOU.

Malcolm and Vincent is using a Giveaway system also tracks the referrals and blacklists and disables any marketers that are not promoting to secure the honest promoting marketers interest. Further to that, with the point system that calculates to a certain limit before a contributor can post their products, ensures a double layer protection system to secure the honest promoting marketers interest.

With the point systems in place, you can gain points by referring more contributors or members, and spend those points within the system to ADD your own product offer banner on rotation throughout the site, which will expect between 50,000 to 80,000 emails and visitors coming to the website during the launch period when all the contirbutors mail out.

They currently have close to 200 Internet Marketers and guru contributors already on board in a short period of 8 days of marketing this event, and at an average of 1000 email list per contributor, we are already looking at 200 X 1000 = 200,000 emails being sent out to promote the giveaway. They are currently promoting and getting more contributors and our target is to hit 500 contributors by Nov 17 to have loads of mails going out to make the event a success, and add loads and tonnes of subscribers for yourself.

Therefore, if you are a Product Owner and have a free product to giveaway and a list (we don't mind small or big list) to promote the giveaway event, please proceed and watch a video to further understand and sign up as a contributor to NextGenGiveaway at:

So join early and start promoting and getting under contributors under yourself to have more features enabled for you for maximum exposure.

You can contact them on the giveaway event's official email at

Company Contact Details: Vincent Cheng
Mobile Phone Number: 017-6055493
Taman Lagenda Mas, Cheras, Selangor 43200, MALAYSIA