A new course revolutionizes panic attacks and anxiety treatment to stop panic attacks in minutes

The duration of a panic attack ranges from fifteen seconds to a half hour. But these few seconds and minutes can spell hell for people who have no idea of how to stop panic attacks. Jack Jordan offers successful treatment for anxiety.

Online PR News – 27-October-2010 – – Panic attacks are triggered by many events and situations. Research indicates that social occasions, a crucial test, an interview for a dream job or even the first date can cause anxiety attacks. Some of the early signs include sudden nervousness and unexplained fear. People need to be a lot more conscious and aware of the problem to prevent the onset of a much more serious psychological problem that may require medical supervision and the intervention of a psychiatrist. Panic disorder treatment prevents the problem from escalating to the level of a permanent ‘panic disorder’ where people get anxious and irritable constantly.

A new course called ‘Panic Away’ holds great promise in helping people get professional and effective treatment for anxiety. This course has worked well with both long as well as short term sufferers of panic attacks who may also exhibit general anxiety. Jack Jordan helps people identify the symptoms associated with panic attacks. This help in dealing with the problem as the grass root level to nip in the bud. Monitoring the problem on a continual basis along with timely, accurate diagnosis can work wonders.

The characteristic symptoms include hyperventilation, uncontrollable twitching, nervous trembling, unexplained fear, dizziness, nausea and extreme anxiety. Though the intensity and the duration of these attacks vary from one person to another, they need to be controlled before they turn into more serious psychological conditions like bipolar disorder.

“Intense stress is the causative agent and changes need to brought about both in the lifestyle and the way people face challenges and problems,” says Jack Jordan, adding that “drugs are not the one stop solution to help people cope with the problem. The ‘Panic Away’ program offers people simple and effective techniques to stop panic attacks in minutes.”

Though they are virtually indistinguishable, social anxiety and panic attacks have common symptoms. If people feel nervous attending a party or a social event that includes a gathering of known people like family and close friends, they need to know that this fear is not normal and seek help through panic attacks treatment.