Berlitz Canada Announces the Latest Reasons of Why It's Important to Learn Languages if You Travel

English is one of the most spoken languages in the world with almost 400 million people who speak it.

Online PR News – 05-October-2016 – Toronto, ON – English is one of the most spoken languages in the world with almost 400 million people who speak it. It's also one of the most widely known languages for people even if it isn't the national language. Anyone who likes to travel will benefit from learning English before they plan a trip, says The Berlitz Group, a company that teaches a variety of language courses.

The wide acceptance of English is the main reason for travellers to choose this language to learn before they embark on adventure. Even in countries where English isn't the native language, it is usually the second most often spoken dialect. For instance, in France, French is the national language, but it's possible to get by in Paris and other large cities if the person speaks English. In fact, some classes in universities are taught in English. In the UK and other countries, it is the main language spoken, and visitors will be at a serious disadvantage if they don't speak it.

For many people whose native tongue isn't English, it is the second language they learn. Anyone who is traveling to a country with a different national language will be more likely to find someone who speaks English than other options. It can make the difference between a trip where the person feels lost and confused and one where the person can thoroughly enjoy the visit. They may receive better service at a hotel because they can communicate their requests or find out about a little-known attraction when talking with the locals.

For many, the idea of learning English can be intimidating. It's often seen as a complex language that takes years to master. However, taking an English course can help people learn the basics. Professors from The Berlitz Group advise students to find opportunities to practice speaking in English to sharpen their skills. Another tip to help people learn the language before taking a trip is to prioritize the most often spoken words. Learn the basic concepts and words to understand what people are saying. They can work on the details later as they become more familiar with English.

Anyone who likes to travel a lot will find taking an English class in Toronto or other large cities a positive endeavour. They will have ample opportunities to practice. In addition, this one language will help them as they visit different locations. If a person only has time and the inclination to learn one language and they like to travel in many different places, English is the one that will serve them best. It's important to find a class which teaches English in a way the person can learn. Some people like online courses while others fare better with traditional classes where they can work with other students. Time spent learning English won't be wasted for anyone who wants to travel to many places around the world. It's quite likely they will find someone to practice their new language on no matter where they choose to travel.