Duvet and Pillow Warehouse Slashes Autumn Prices and Stays Ahead of all of their Competitors

As the winter season approaches and the rush for toasty dressing gowns and thick duvet covers is on, Duvet and Pillow Warehouse has slashed the prices on their autumn bedding collection.

Online PR News – 26-September-2009 – Nottinghamshire – As the winter season approaches and the rush for toasty dressing gowns and thick duvet covers is on, Duvet and Pillow Warehouse has slashed the prices on their autumn bedding collection, staying on top of the bedding products market and way ahead of their competitors.

With many people turning the heating low to save on costs in this gruelling recession, Duvet and Pillow Warehouse understand the sheer importance of keeping warm this winter and have cut the prices on their new collection while competitors have risen theirs by at least 5 per cent.

And the team at Duvet and Pillow Warehouse are confident that customers looking for bedding will see the benefits of buying with their site, who are all about quality products all at affordable prices.

The bedding team have designed and manufactured a stunning new collection for the autumn season all standing at unbeatable prices.

In fact, there are so many bedding products available on the site; you can’t afford not to purchase your duvets and pillows with the team, as the stock is sure to run out fast.

With summer drawing to a close, many people are looking to invest in some quality bedding products to keep them cosy and comfortable during the cold and they can expect to find it all at Duvet and Pillow Warehouse.

The team are experts in the world of bedding products and know exactly what their customers are looking for and what they expect from bedding products. Not only do they manufacture everything to high standards, they are proud to put their name to it, which is a rare occurrence for many bedding companies.

The team said, “It is rare to find a bedding company that manufactures their own products, but we do at Duvet and Pillow Warehouse. We searched factories worldwide to find the best factories to produce our products and we are proud to put our label on our items.”

And there is nothing on their website that isn’t the genuine article. All of their feather and goose down bedding products are produced with high quality materials by highly skilled workers and arrive at customers fingertips at a fantastic affordable price.

And if you really aren’t sure that what you have read is true, then be sure that the team test all of their products; and to make double sure, they test them again. This way you know, as well as us, that you are receiving high quality bedding products that are well worth the money spent.

Many people are a little unsure about bedding products and find all the bedding jargon a bit confusing. Well if this sounds a little bit like you, then contact Duvet and Pillow Warehouse and speak to a member of staff who can give you all the information you need to know.

For example, if you suffer from allergies the team can talk you through the different duvets and pillows available to keep your sneezing and coughing at bay, to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

And once you have bought your duvet with Duvet and Pillow Warehouse, expect a ten year guarantee on top of it because we are that confident it can last you a lifetime. Now you can’t get a better offer than that!

In fact don’t just listen to us ramble on, visit our website and have a look at some of the hundreds of comments we have had back from very satisfied customers. Here is a sneak peak at one we received just last month.

"Order arrived safely and is now on new bed absolutely delighted, you are now placed in my favourite suppliers list!! Many Thanks." Christine Husband

So make sure that you take full advantage of the fantastic offers available this autumn at Duvet and Pillow Warehouse by visiting their new collection at duvetandpillowwarehouse.co.uk