The Accent Coach Announces Latest Business Tips for Understanding Accents over the Phone

As more businesses go global in their relationships with customers, partners and vendors, dealing with people from around the world becomes more commonplace.

Online PR News – 31-August-2016 – Vero Beach, FL – As more businesses go global in their relationships with customers, partners and vendors, dealing with people from around the world becomes more commonplace. While many conversations are done through email and online chat, the phone call is still an important part of business communications. The Accent Coach, Claudette Roche, provides tips to help people understand what others are saying if they have a different accent.

Because people lack the ability to read nonverbal cues over the phone, they must concentrate on the words and phrases even more closely to understand what the other person is saying. Instead of trying to understand every word, it's better to listen for key words or phrases, which will tell the person what the subject is about. It’s also recommended to ask questions with a "yes" or "no" answer, which makes it easier to understand what the person needs. The listener should paraphrase what the speaker is saying to ensure no misunderstandings occur.

Claudette Roche, an accent reduction coach, says that it is okay to admit a person doesn't understand what someone is saying. Accents are worldwide, so it's a common problem that can actually unite two people. She says a person shouldn't pretend to understand someone if they aren't clear on the message. "It's acceptable to admit you are having difficulty understanding the person," she says. Roche recommends that the listener ask the speaker to repeat what they said for clarification.


It's also important to keep a positive attitude. People can tell if the other party is becoming frustrated or upset. They can also hear the smile in a voice, which will put them at ease. Roche also advises people to remember they have an accent as well for the party on the other end of the phone call.

To prevent issues with speaking on the phone or in person with people from other countries or even other parts of the same country, reducing one's accent is beneficial. As a business speech coach, Roche works with people to teach them how to enunciate clearly so they can be understood by others around the world. Reducing one's accent allows them to communicate with others more effectively. Because more businesses are hiring staff remotely and working with clients from other countries, learning to communicate effectively with people from around the world is becoming more important.

As a final piece of advice for those who talk on the phone with people from around the world, Roche recommends a follow-up email to summarize key points of the communication. When working with vendors or partners, a simple email can highlight main aspects of the conversation and allow both parties to clarify or correct what was said. It is also a good idea to follow up in writing with customers. This ensures everything was communicated and understood correctly. Speaking with people from different areas of the world increases the challenges of communication, but it can be overcome with the right attitude and a few simple tips to ensure understanding.

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