Buying Night Stands On The Web
10/26/2010 is a newly launched web store for providing night stands.

Online PR News – 26-October-2010 – – When you've woken up in the dead of night, do you really want to have to go wandering across the room, and maybe even the house, fumbling for a light-switch, all because you need a glass of water? We think not. Nor, we daresay, do you want to have to get up and replace a book, when reading it has got you nice and sleepy. The obvious solution to this is, of course, purchasing a night stand, which can hold your spectacles and medicines and books and glasses and pitchers of water, perhaps even a table lamp, if you don't want to get up to switch off the lights when you feel yourself drifting towards sleep. Now, night-stands aren't exactly difficult to procure-in a pinch, any small table or chest of drawers can serve as one, and they're usually available at any furniture store. However, easy availability does not always translate to availability of the piece you want-the furniture store closest to your house might stock five samples of nightstands, and all of them might clash with your décor, or simply refuse to fit into the space allotted for it.

Now, a night-stand, all things considered, is not much in the larger scheme of things-you can easily compromise, use a table or something similar. Night Stands ( removes the need for this compromise, by bringing to its online shop a vast variety of night-stands-no matter how choosy you are, or how particular about your décor, you are almost certain to find something in this collection that suits your taste.

The home page exhibits several night stands, but the side-bar allows easier navigation than the lengthy and fairly tedious process of having to scroll through all the pages-the number of pages would make this rather time-consuming, as well. The items are variously categorised according to style-contemporary, modern, natural, traditional; according to colour-beige, black, brown, espresso, green, red, white; and according to the material used in construction-bamboo, cherry, glass, granite, leather, leatherette, marble, metal, microfiber, oak, pine, walnut, wood. As you can see, the categories overlap, and, even within each category, the classifications are by no means mutually contradictory-'wood' includes oak, pine and walnut; leather and wood might both be used to construct a single item.

However, this allows the user who knows exactly what s/he wants, to get to their desired product swiftly, and for that, Night Stands must be applauded. So, for all your night stand needs, visit the webshop at