El Sledge Offers A Unique And Booming Brand Of Music With Their Latest Album "Fletcher’s Last Night"!

Remaining a two piece ensemble for the sake of simplicity, El Sledge uses their strong dynamic and plenty of effects to create a large sound using drums and guitar. Loops and a three amp setup allow the guitar to take on many different forms including, electric, acoustic, and bass. Loops enhance the experience and offer a unique backbeat that enhances their sound. Their latest full-length release "Fletcher’s Last Night" is the perfect testament to just how much noise two individuals can make.

Online PR News – 26-October-2010 – – Glenwood, Maryland, – The two-piece band El Sledge is difficult to categorize musically. Their full-bodied sound is produced using only guitar and drums; a big sound that is created using a small number of instruments. By feeding the guitar into three different amps, the band is able to produce an electric, acoustic, and bass sound from the single instrument. Combining this unique approach to guitar with a passion and fascination of drums, El Sledge is able to blow away listeners like few two-piece ensembles are able. Their latest release "Fletcher’s Last Night" showcases their raw talent and just may be one of the most unique rock releases to hit shelves in years!

Combining an unorthodox live show to fit their unique style of music, El Sledge performs behind a sheet, projecting their images using halogen lighting. Fitting a similar mold to progressive two-piece weirdoes such as Hella and Lightning Bolt, great musicianship meets a different approach to live performance. The reason behind the odd performance ritual is that they believe the sensory deprivation allows the sound to be the main focus of the show rather than the onstage antics. The sheet also allows the band to disconnect from the audience and perform more comfortably.

Recorded live, “Fletcher’s Last Night” uses a 16-bit recorder for an iPod and was produced using Pro Tools. Looking to capture a raw and unrefined sound, the album offers a gritty sound that is far from polished and overproduced. Currently in the process of promoting the album, El Sledge is also working on a new album that will be the second piece of what they are planning to be an epic concept album trilogy. You can find “Fletcher’s Last Night” on iTunes, the El Sledge website (http://www.airaidrecords.com), The Soundgarden in Baltimore city, or at their live shows.


Check out the latest two-piece group complete with a dynamic sound and plenty of mystery behind them. For more information on El Sledge and their unconventional approach to progressive rock, check out www.airaidrecords.com