San Diego Self Storage Company SD Storage Launches E-Waste Collection Program

A San Diego self storage company is doing its part to help the environment by setting up E-waste collection centers at their self storage facilities. Tenants can drop off their unused electronic devices at these collection centers for proper disposal.

Online PR News – 26-October-2010 – – A San Diego self storage company is “going green” by partnering with GreenSpot DropOff™, setting up collection centers at their self storage facilities offering free and convenient e-waste recycling for tenants. So far, six out of nine SD Storage locations have been outfitted with GreenSpot DropOff™ collection stations, where rather than paying a recycling company’s fees to come and collect their e-waste, tenants can simply drop off their old electrical items while at the facility and let SD Storage take care of the rest. Obsolete computers, old monitors, broken copy machines, or pretty much any other unwanted or unused electrical item can be left at one of these stations for proper disposal. Practically anything that plugs into an electrical outlet contains a circuit board, and items that use circuit boards to operate cannot be thrown in the trash as state law mandates that they be properly recycled. This is due to the fact that some materials that are contained within many of these electronic devices, such as lead, are classified as hazardous waste and cannot be disposed of in landfills or by local trash collection services. In addition, the metals that are used within these types of devices can be recycled, which helps preserve resources and protects the planet by reducing the amount of new metals that have to be mined. Electronic discard is one of the most rapidly rising segments of the waste stream in the United States, and according to, researchers estimate that nearly 75% of old electronic devices are in storage, partly due to the uncertainty of how to properly manage the materials. With rapidly increasing technological advancements and newer technology being introduced practically every day, it is not surprising that there are so many unused and/or obsolete electronic devices in storage. SD Storage hopes that by setting up these GreenSpot DropOff™ stations, tenants will be motivated to recycle their unwanted electronic devices rather than discarding them in areas where they could potentially pose a threat to the environment. Current SD Storage e-waste drop off locations include the following SD Storage facilities: Escondido, Vista, National City, South San Marcos, North San Marcos, and Pacific Beach. For more information on SD Storage or to find an e-waste drop off location near you, visit SD Storage online at