Louisiana Business Launched To Assist Consumers With Home Mortgage Options

Consumers continue to face issues with home mortgage as the economy persists in its sluggish ways. Louisiana based Complete Financial Services LLC was founded with the objective of helping consumers with their mortgage situation, regardless of their credit condition.

Online PR News – 26-October-2010 – – The dire economic conditions that have persisted are causing great difficulties for both current and prospective homeowners. They face an uphill battle given the tight credit market that has resulted from the difficult economic climate the world is facing today. Consumers are in fact facing unprecedented times, with hardships befalling many good citizens, and no other time in history except perhaps the Great Depression can compare to what people are seeing and experiencing today. The resulting tragedy will ultimately manifest itself in lost homes and the disruption it will bring to families and individuals across the nation. Fortunately, many new companies are being launched to help consumers in need, and one such company that recently launched to serve the Slidell, Louisiana and New Orleans, Louisiana mortgage loan market is Complete Financial Services LLC.

Consumers who have experienced a disruption in their employment will likely have missed payments to some of their creditors. The consequence of missing payments is a credit record that will be tainted and demoted to the lower section of the credit worthiness scale. Everyone appears to be acquainted with at least a person or two who has entered into this unfortunate situation, unable to meet the obligation of their loans ranging from their mortgage, car loan, credit cards or even student loans.

No matter what their situation is, homeowners undoubtedly strive to save at least one of their assets, and that asset is their home. Unsurprisingly most will sacrifice everything else in an effort to divert what little they have to continue to pay their mortgage on time. Unfortunately, many ultimately find out that they are way in over their means, particularly those who have adjustable loans. After a period of interest-only payments, homeowners are suddenly faced with a massive increase in their payments due, one that makes it impossible for them to continue meeting their payment obligation.

In light of the overwhelming problem in the credit market, and the countless of consumers seeking Slidell mortgage loans, a recently launched company, Complete Financial Services LLC, is focusing its practice to help deliver a workable solution to the good people of Slidell. In addition to Slidell, the company is also dedicated to serving the needs of consumers seeking New Orleans mortgage loans. The company seeks to become an all in one resource so that a current or prospective homeowner seeking assistance need only visit one place to service their needs.

Consumers who are looking to take advantage of the excess inventory in the market and relatively lower prices may think that their less than stellar credit may not be enough, especially in this market where lenders have tightened their criteria. They will be pleasantly surprised to find out that buying a house with bad credit is not impossible; in fact, Complete Financial Services has loads of good advice on how to do just that. It all starts with a simple consultation, and Complete Financial Services is ready to meet with clients from all economic backgrounds.

"The internet is swimming with information of all sorts regarding the mortgage market, and credit is always front and center in the discussion. Unfortunately, the information is often fragmented, and a consumer is left with the task of piecing everything together, only to find out that they still need a partner to help them with the lending process. At Complete Financial Services, we can provide everything our clients need, because it is hard enough dealing with everything else given our current economic mess," notes Cleon Walker of Complete Financial Services.

Complete Financial Services LLC is a full service shop dedicated to delivering the information that consumers need in order to address their home loan situation, and the service required to help them with the process. Our company is focused on mortgage loans, and we specialize in refinance loans and bad credit. We work with any credit situation.

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