New Website Offering Fun Facts about American History!

The new American History Fun Facts website offers American history fun facts and interesting trivia about the USA. Learn fun facts about America's founding fathers and presidents. Or test your knowledge about American history with a fun quiz. Find beautiful historical reproductions from America's past. Learn about upcoming Civil War re-enactments or holiday celebrations too!

Online PR News – 25-October-2010 – – Perhaps when you were younger, you might have found history class boring or it wasn't made exciting enough. Learning about America as a nation and how we grew, or why we have freedom today can help us have more appreciation for our country and feel just a bit more patriotic.

If you are an American History buff-or would like to learn more about America's history, then you can enjoy visiting the new “American History Fun Facts” website that offers a free 101 american history fun facts eBook with every free subscription to the website's Weekly Fun Facts" ezine.

At the new American History Fun Facts website, you will get to learn more about America during the Revolutionary period, facts about our founding fathers and American presidents and more. Test yourself with the available American history quizzes or state your opinion in the polls. If you have an American fun fact, quote, photo or recipe, you can share it at the American History Fun Facts website. Get a chance to peek at fun facts and learn something new every day.

Some of the selections available on the website to enhance your knowledge about American history include history about the American Flag, the full text and fun facts about the Declaration of Independence, great quotes, presidents and their nicknames and even some patriotic poetry. Another entertaining and educational feature of the website are videos that have examples of old news-reels, World War II videos, Civil War reenactment videos and also videos showcasing America's beautiful national anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner.”

The new American History Fun Facts website will be ideal for those who need some review on their American History or even teachers who need a fun extra learning tool for teaching their students about America's history. The website offers many available fun facts to learn, videos to see and even a chance to test your knowledge. For additional fun and shopping, American History Fun Facts History Shop offers history games, historical reproductions, bumper stickers, historical apparel and military charm bracelets.

Click on over to the new American History Fun Facts website to test your American history knowledge, learn about facts you may have not known or even test your friends and family. Our American history is an important part of our past, present-and even-our future.

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