4th Annual Mortgage Business in CEE,SEE and CIS

The mortgage market was badly hit in Europe by the financial crisis. However the dust has now settled and the mortgage market is finally recovering. Cheaper house prices have led many to come back into the property market and this has increased competition within lending. Meaning new opportunities for mortgage lenders

Online PR News – 26-October-2010 – – The mortgage industry plays a very important role in the wider European Economy and faces many challenges in the coming years to allow the European Union to improve economic performance and deliver continued and sustainable growth.

Europe’s real estate and mortgage industry has suffered ever since the global financial crisis and recession which followed it. The availability of cheap credit worldwide led to many European businesses and consumers to borrow and buy property in foreign currencies. Many Eastern and Central European consumers borrowed heavily to buy property in currencies such as the Swiss Franc, which then appreciated making repayment more expensive.

This led to an increase in defaults, and made lenders more risk averse. Lenders increased underwriting criteria; this in turn made it harder for buyers. There was a general consensus within the European Union that more has to be done to open up the mortgage market once more and get institutions lending again.

Moving beyond the financial crisis, the dust has now settled on the mortgage market and many are looking beyond 2010. There are many positive signs for both customers and mortgage providers. The fall in house prices which followed the crisis and recession, along with lower interest rates has made it affordable to for customers jump on the property ladder and take advantage of the situation to buy property. As such, this has led mortgage providers to increase lending, improve and develop new products to increase product offerings. This has resulted in increased competitiveness and innovation in the marketing and distribution channels to attract new customers and gain market share.

For this reason Fleming Europe have organized the 4th Annual Mortgage Business in CEE, SEE, and CIS conference which will take place on the 19th & 20th January 2011, in Vienna, Austria.

This conference will see leading experts from the mortgage industry including speakers from Erste Bank, EFG Eurobank, Delta Credit, Deutsche Bank and many more, as well as speakers from the German Association of Private Bausparkassen.

Speakers at this event will discuss and analyse the affects of the crisis on the mortgage industry and how to take advantage of it. Including innovative approaches to setting mortgage conditions, eliminating risks related to non performing loans and FX lending, developments of the EU legal framework and the Responsible Lending and Borrowing Regulation, new product development, marketing and distribution channels, and much more.

To request a conference programme, and for registration enquiries please visit www.flemingeurope.com or email barbora.kuckova@flemingeurope.com