Google in Mobile 2009
09/26/2009 pleased to announce a new report on "Google in Mobile 2009" provides valuable information to Google's strategy in the mobile market.

Online PR News – 26-September-2009 – – Google in Mobile 2009

Having created, developed, grown and maintained the world's most popular internet search engine over the last decade, Google has turned its attentions to the mobile market. For the last few years, many of its web services and applications have been making their way to the mobile platform, as the take-up has increased at recession-defying rates for mobile web access and, most notably, for smartphones such as the iPhone and various BlackBerry models. Illustrating just how much is at stake, and how intense competition has begun for the mobile space, a new phase of rivalry between Google and Apple opened with the resignation of Google CEO Eric Schmidt from the Apple Board of Directors. In terms of products, a Google Voice native iPhone application failed to win approval for entry into the iTunes App Store. ( )

The stakes are increasing for Google, which is focusing more and more on operating systems and runtime environments for applications on mobile. While developing and extending the reach of its Android platform, Google is also concurrently pushing browser standards such as Chrome and Android, and is actively involved in defining HTML 5. Alongside Chrome OS, these initiatives form key aspects in a greater push towards cloud computing and the web as a development platform at the expense of operating systems, native programming environments, and therefore mobile app stores - one of the tech sector's most recent success stories. With services and applications available directly over the web rather than via downloads, Google could be well positioned to exploit the increasing number of opportunities in its main area of interest, digital advertising.

Should you be working with Google today? Will they be the major player in mobile search technology or have they become too large to develop truly innovative dedicated products?

The latest report Google in Mobile 2009 provides valuable information to Google's strategy in the mobile market. It examines the threat posed to others by Google as the company becomes increasingly more involved in the sector. It also analyses the opportunities that exist for operators and manufacturers. How can you benefit from Google in mobile? Can you afford not to work with them and miss out?

Reading this report will tell you the following:
• What are Google's motives for entering the mobile platform?
• What acquisitions have Google carried out and what reason?
• What services have been made available on mobile?
• Which other services have the potential to be moved to mobile?
• How does the services of Google's rivals compare to those offered by Google?
• How can its rivals compete effectively with Google?
• What impact will Android have?
• Why did Google launch an operating system rather than its own branded phone?
• How will Google's rivals respond to an increasing market presence for Android?

Find out the answers to these and many other questions by buying this vital industry insight.

Who needs to buy this report?
• Mobile/cellular carriers and operators
• Wireless providers
• Handset manufacturers
• Digital and mobile advertising agencies
• Location based service providers
• Brands looking to tap into the mobile market

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