O’Brien Launches New Augmentative Communication Devices and Speech Devices

Empowerment via innovation for physically challenged will change the way communication happens

Online PR News – 25-October-2010 – – Sterling, Virginia October 6, 2010 - O'Brien Technologies launches the new Speech Companion System with two-device system that is highly flexible and adaptable for users of all ages. Keeping the simple thing in mind that one size does not suit to all the people, the company launches the two device communication system that has one unit for the user, and a second unit for caregivers.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication devices launched by the O'Brien Technologies are available to assist the individuals of all ages. The device is equally helpful for child and elderly people in attaining the satisfaction of a meaningful life that would have been possible if they would not have communication disability. Of course there is no single solution or a set of procedure for all the physically impaired people. Keeping these in mind the O'Brien Technologies has launched the new Speech Companion System with flexible communication program that takes into account the individual’s unique characteristics and abilities.

This O'Brien system can equally help the persons who are just starting the recovery process from loss of speech as well as to the ones who are going through the intermediate and more advanced levels. Using the website of O'Brien Technologies, these Augmentative and Alternative Communication devices can easily be configured as the training tool. Using the same method the content can be customized to mitigate the day to day communication needs of the physically impaired.

The O'Brien Communication system is a hand held device which is operated through the use of one finger or touch screen method. The content for each device is different because they are built on the desktop applications keeping in mind the different types of users. Content, picture and the words can be modified and they can also be downloaded into the device. The touch screen menu of the device includes a scrollable list of categories with the related pictures. When the user scrolls through and selects from the list, the topic is spoken. When the user is needed to say something he just needs to go through the list to find the desired topic and when he finds it, he just needs to taps the screen and a sub-list of messages with corresponding pictures appears.

About O'Brien Technologies

O'Brien Technologies, Inc. is a Northern Virginia based company that is established to manufacture, sell and market the Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices and technology. These are the devices which are required to assist the Speech Language Pathologists and the healthcare practitioners to treat the persons with critical communication problems.

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Contact Person: Paul Mangus, President
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