British Author Ken Fry Releases His Latest Suspense Thriller, Suicide Seeds

Suicide Seeds will be released through Amazon on August 27, 2016. Ken Fry's latest novel touches on a controversial topic-Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).

Online PR News – 26-August-2016 – Surrey, UK – Ken Fry releases his 4th book, Suicide Seeds: Murder is a Growing Business. A suspense thriller, the book is about a company who plans to distribute genetically modified seeds in The Gambia, West Africa. With the controversy surrounding Monsanto and GMO, Suicide Seeds is a fitting novel for our times.

What if there was a seed that could end the famine in West Africa and in other parts of the world? Governments would welcome it with open arms. Farmers would be clamoring for the product.

But what if this seed kills itself and all other natural seeds in proximity? What kind of havoc will that cause? Could that signal the beginning of a GMO apocalypse, one that could plunge the African continent, if not the world, into famine?

When asked how he came up with the story, Fry stated:"The controversial issue surrounding the use of GM seed crops has always intrigued me. There have been convincing arguments both for and against their usage. Being a frequent visitor to West Africa, it was startling to see vast areas of land suitable for rice growing not being used and countries having to import their supplies from other countries. Given the environmental and climatic changes occurring in Africa, there exists the argument that GM crops will solve all problems. However, the high level of international court cases involving corruption and criminal practices of greedy GM companies provided me with the ‘seeds’ for a story. This attempts to highlight the problem.The subject is hotly debated to this day."

In the tradition of Robert Ludlum and Dan Brown's novels, Ken Fry weaves another tale of mystery and intrigue that suspense thriller readers will surely enjoy.

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