SODIUS Adds Debug to its DXL Editor Providing a World-Class IDE to DOORS/DXL Developers

SODIUS new version of DXL Editor adds debugging features to help Rational DOORS developers optimize their code and save time. New features allows to: add breakpoints, control execution (stop, resume, step-by-step), inspect variables and data.

Online PR News – 25-October-2010 – – Nantes, France – October 25, 2010 – SODIUS announced today the availability of a new version of its DXL Editor, offering debugging features to help Rational® DOORS® developers optimize their code and save time on their projects.
IBM® Rational DOORS is a well established platform for engineers, allowing them to manage their project requirements. DOORS data is manipulated with a dedicated language, DXL (the DOORS eXtension Language). SODIUS has developed the DXL Editor to facilitate developers' lives.
The first version of the Eclipse-based DXL Editor was introduced one year ago and is now used by more than one thousand individuals around the globe. A recent survey has clearly demonstrated that users highly appreciate the product features and friendliness. With the new debug features, SODIUS is addressing a strong need expressed by a significant number of users looking to improve their productivity.
Debugging is a critical activity when developing any source code. Getting the right tool to facilitate this is an important asset for developers needing to manage long and complex programs, as well as occasional programmers needing to quickly become productive in a new context.
With a user-friendly graphical interface, the DXL Editor allows developers to get full control over the code execution. They can add breakpoints in their program, control execution with stop – resume and step-by-step execution, inspect variables, inspect data, etc.
In addition to this, a direct access to the DXL Reference Manual has been added to the Eclipse help view, allowing users to browse the DXL help information alongside their code. A simple copy and paste directly from the help files can also speed up their coding.
With the introduction of the new features, the DXL Editor is now available in two flavors:
• The Free License providing all the basic features for editing, browsing, compiling and running the code, and is perfectly suited for simple DXL programming tasks.
• The Pro License providing the new debug features and DXL reference manual. This version is especially suited for complex DXL programs and when improving efficiency and reducing development time are the critical factors.
The DXL Editor Pro License can dramatically speed up the coding process and result in higher quality results. Companies purchasing the Pro License can get a quick return on investment by saving precious developer’s time and enjoy long-run benefits by finalizing projects faster.
Users can request a 7-day free evaluation of DXL Editor Pro License online and can then buy the permanent license version with a few clicks.
All resources including webcasts and forums are available at, the SODIUS website dedicated to DOORS solutions.

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SODIUS is a technology provider for IBM as well as an IBM Business Partner.

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