AT&T Customers, Unite!

Members of invite others who have experienced problems with their AT&T service to visit the website and tell their own stories.

Online PR News – 25-October-2010 – – Bad reception, no reception, dropped calls and limited access has driven some AT&T users, especially those with iPhones, to the brink of rebellion. In an effort to make their dissatisfaction with AT&T known, a protest page has been launched at

The website provides a place where users can sign in and register their woes, recount their experiences, commiserate with others and otherwise register their dissatisfaction with their AT&T service. The site advocates half price rates for half time service.

Giovanni Farinacci, a former AT&T customer, was inspired to establish the site after listening to “This Week in Startups,” a web broadcast hosted by Jason Calacanis. While discussing AT&T service on the show, Calacanis mentioned that someone should start a website in protest of AT&T’s poor service. Farinacci took the sentiment to heart and AT Half Price was launched.

“I was a former AT&T customer and I suffered from poor and overpriced service,” said Farinacci. “It was the worst service I ever had – dropped calls and poor coverage.”

AT&T Wireless is the exclusive carrier of iPhone service in the U.S., yet a Consumer Reports survey of AT&T customers ranked the service as the worst of the four major carriers, which included Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. It also received the worst ranking in 19 of 26 surveyed cities. The most common complaints were poor calling service, only average email and messaging services, poor customer service and staff that weren’t knowledgeable.

AT&T executives have indicated they’re working on adding 2,100 new towers to accommodate users and improve service. Officials say cities where bandwidth use is heavy are particularly challenging areas in which to provide service. They’ve indicated two major problems in expanding and improving their offerings. The first is the objection to residents of having a tower located close to them. The second is the bureaucratic red tape involved when installing a new tower.

While those are valid concerns, it doesn’t help those suffering with poor service and dropped calls. When Apple® cut a deal with AT&T, it was with the expectation that the carrier would be able to accommodate the expected usage. The company claims the number of users downloading YouTube videos to their iPhone is one of the primary problems encountered with bandwidth.

Members of the At Half Price website are at the end of their patience. All they ask is a reduction in rates. Since they only receive service half the time, they think it’s only fair that they should pay half the price. Some users are paying $100 and more per month for service they can only access part of the time, and some have had to resort to an additional account with another provider to ensure access at locations where their AT&T service doesn’t work.

Users are understandably angry and talk of a class action lawsuit is even in the wind. Members of invite others who have experienced problems with their AT&T service to visit the website and tell their own stories.

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