Stuart Pease celebrates 30 years creating high-quality fibreglass moulds

Stuart Pease is a GRP mouldings company based in Rotherham in Yorkshire. With more than 30 years experience in manufacture of fibreglass moulds, the company has grown with the technology into a world-renowned expert.

Online PR News – 25-October-2010 – – For immediate Release

For 30 years Stuart Pease has been at the forefront of producing high-quality, affordable fibreglass moulds for a range of projects and clients, including vehicle body panels for sports cars to theme park rides.
Rotherham, UK - October 2010 - For the last 30 years Stuart Pease has been at the forefront of fibreglass moulds and GRP mouldings for a wide range of products, with a special focus on vehicles and transport. Stuart Pease has demonstrated that fibreglass moulds can be amongst the most versatile materials in the industry, combining strength with lightness in a way which makes them ideal for panels and sections of vehicle bodies which need to be strong, yet lightweight.
Stuart Pease still uses hand moulding processes where necessary, in order to provide the very highest level of quality in the end product. The fibreglass moulds manufactured by Stuart Pease over the last 25 years have ranged from prototypes to finished products, from amusement park rides and theme park rides to body panels for buses and even sports cars. Whether it's a one-off project, prototype or a mass production project that is needed, Stuart Pease has the experience and expertise to be able to provide the solution which meets the needs of your project.
The fibreglass moulds manufactured by Stuart Pease can be created using a range of methods, providing a range of solutions custom made to provide the right combination of advantages. By varying the proportion of fibreglass to bonding agents it is possible to create fibreglass moulds which are either very lightweight, or highly strong and durable. Fibreglass moulds are one of the most affordable ways of creating vehicle body panels, chairs, seats, theme park rides or other one-off projects, yet which also manage to produce a high level of quality and a finish which is very professional.

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