Urine test with the help of new THC Marijuana Test Strips available on Drugteststrips.com

Get your accurate urine test results instantly with the help of THC marijuana test strip available online on drugteststrips.com

Online PR News – 25-October-2010 – – The day has come when you can easily get your urine test done with the help of THC Marijuana Test Strip which is available on drugteststrips.com. This easy to handle THC Marijuana test strip is used for the basic detection of (THC metabolite) which is present in human urine.
Drugteststrip.com has made it easy for those people who feel the hassle of getting urine test done with the help of machine. Yes! With the help of this strip, you need not use an instrument. The ease of checking the THC metabolite has been provided to various people online by drugteststrips.com.
This THC Marijuana Test Strip shows positive result if the concentration of marijuana gets exceeded 50ng/ml in the urine. This test card is completely approved by FDA and claims to provide 95% to 98% accurate results along with behaving as a preliminary analytical test.
The new THC Marijuana test strip, works on the principle of competitive binding. While the test is going on, the urine specimen migrates upward using the main capillary action. You can see the complete information for using the new marijuana test trip at http://www.drugteststrips.com/instructions/instructions_1panel.html
Currently the price of each strip shared by Drugteststrip.com is $1.95 but they claim to reduce the price a little in case a person wishes to buy it in bulk ranging from 25-200 pieces. The company recommends considering professional judgement in case of positive results.