Genuine 6-APB Fury, Official Benzo Fury Pellets, aMT, MDAI & MDAT

Finally a reputable vendor in the UK where you can source these research chemcials and the purity is guaranteed!

Online PR News – 25-October-2010 – – Some might remember from about six months, we had many happy customers from around the globe.

Now we have set up in conjunction with to bring you the latest news and product reviews of research chemcials.

The latest chemcials we have researched are 6-APB Fury, Official Benzo Fury Pellets, aMT, MDAI and MDAT.

All these chemicals are available to buy now from

6-APB Fury has been much talked about in the last four or five months, many vendors have been passing off unknown chemcials as 6-APB and it has only been recently that you can purchase the genuine 6-APB in the UK.

Official Benzo Fury Pellets - again a very popular product, this is what people have been wanting for a long time. Geunine 6-APB powder, which has been pressed into a tablet to make researching easier.

aMT - Alpha-Methyltryptamine, this chemical has been long overdue in the UK market - however it is now available with next day delivery.

MDAI & MDAT - these have been around for a while now, but are still considerably popular.

Remember you can Buy 6-APB Fury, Buy Official Benzo Fury Pellets, Buy aMT, Buy MDAI and Buy MDAT at

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