Slush Eismaschine - Treat your guests to something delicious and be a winner

Have you been looking for an interesting kind of summer refreshment? A kind of delicious and tasty product which everyone will embrace?

Online PR News – 25-October-2010 – – An innovative kind of surprise for the hot seasons which sells itself and which serves any seasonal demands? A marvellous new idea, which attracts people of every age?

If so, you will be able to relax right now. Because there is the Slush dispenser. This device serves you to serve the "Frozen Slush" – as they have been already doing for years at pleasure grounds, cinemas and events in the US.

The Frozen Slush is the tastiest combination of a cool soft drink and a most delicious taste of ice cream. You can have it no matter on whatever occasion - given each and every aficionado will like it. The range of taste variation is very broad and those who love ice cream will be carried away the same way people will feel about who used to prefer soft drinks before. Even sophisticated customers will like it – you will be able to refine any taste of milkshakes with alcohol. A Slush Drink can be a Cappuccino, a Café Latte and an Irish Coffee – or it can produce quite a couple of mixtures of cacao and milkshakes.

Sitting on the terrace during the hot season, your guests will embrace the unique opportunity to get a Slush served at your restaurant. You can provide Long drinks, Cola Whisky, and further cocktails of any kind. If you are going to pile up different levels of frozen Fruit Slush it will even please your eye before you will have it.

Garnish your Frozen Slush with slices of fruit, with blossoms with leaves – satisfied guests who get the extraordinary will come back on a regular basis and make you level up your profit margin. The secret is the Frozen Slush Granitor, which cools down everything, which is in there to a sub-zero temperature. While steady stirring the contents they will not get fully frozen. By that way it can be considered as both a soft drink and a kind of high quality ice cream.

The dispenser has been designed to be user-friendly, can be easily cleaned and operated in a long-living, power-saving way, which saves the environment. At that – day-by-day you will be able to invent and create and start something new when it comes to this kind of delicately melting milkshake which appears to be an ice cream.

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