Soon To Launch Penny Auction Site Taking Steps to Win Public Trust and Dominate Market

The entrepreneurs behind are implementing extraordinary steps to build public confidence and encourage prospective clients to sign up. With the November launch day fast approaching, management is reaching out to interested parties to reinforce the integrity and the value of their service.

Online PR News – 25-October-2010 – – Penny auction sites deliver a unique shopping experience, one that is characterized by many as good, fun competition. Of course, from the shopper’s point of view, true value is realized when they win the auction and take home a product for literally pennies on the dollar. Unfortunately, a few unscrupulous penny site operators have managed to destroy public trust with their unethical behavior. It is against this backdrop that must launch, and its creators are busy implementing trust building activities with their prospective clients. By employing a prelaunch weekly giveaway program and proactively communicating with interested parties who have signed up, the management of hopes to build lasting public trust in their service.

The holiday shopping season is fast approaching, and a penny auction site is exactly what many bargain shoppers are looking for. By engaging in the penny bidding process, customers afford themselves the chance to win valuable name brand products at fire sale prices. Because all the action takes place online, customers need not engage in the physical battle that is part and parcel of any holiday sale event, such as that which takes place during Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Most definitely, is physically safer, and offers a much more entertaining experience. Management at is betting that customers would rather engage in an electronic bidding competition than fight it out against hordes of bargain hunters on Black Friday.

The penny auction concept is widely employed across the world, and many satisfied customers stand by the process, despite criticism from some. The essence of the penny auction is that customers must pay to bid, and this approach ensures that only interested parties are interacting in the bidding process. Tire kickers and the mischief minded are kept at bay because the action is no longer free. Devoid of uncommitted bidders, the action during penny auctions is pure and exciting, with players sharing a single mind set: to win the bid and take home the product. The management of is confident that their platform will not only deliver value in the form of products for pennies on the dollar, but also value in the form of pure, competitive fun.

Interested parties may visit to sign up for additional information and give themselves an opportunity to win valuable prizes such as iPods, gift cards and bid packs worth thousands. Parties that sign up will receive periodic communication from the management to bring to their attention special events and promotions related to All that is needed is a name and an email address to sign up and enter in the drawing. Between now and launch day, consumers have plenty of chances to win iPods, gift cards and substantial bid packs.

"We are striving to assure our prospective clients that our site,, will feature some of the most highly coveted items this holiday season, and that we place integrity above all else, so they can have peace of mind when they participate in any penny auction bidding while on our site," explains Peter Lessard, managing partner of

About: promises to be one of the largest penny auction sites in the United States. The site is poised to launch on November 15, 2010, and when it opens its doors, it will auction off loads of coveted products including, but not limited to electronic equipment, televisions, computers as well as household items and gift cards.

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