Upcoming Penny Auction Site Providing Pre Launch Opportunity To Win Thousands In Bid Credits And Priz

Between now and when penny auction site pennyauction.com launches on November 15, prospective customers can sign up for a chance to win thousands in bid packs as well as free prizes. No purchase is necessary to participate in the pre launch giveaway.

Online PR News – 25-October-2010 – – On November 15, a new penny auction site will be launched just in time for the holiday shopping season. Bargain shoppers will soon be able to experience a new way to procure coveted items for pennies on the dollar. When it opens, pennyauction.com promises to be the gold standard against which other sites will be compared. In addition to offering customers the opportunity to pick up highly desirable merchandise at rock bottom prices, the site will also offer customers the chance to have a little bit of entertainment as they battle it out against other bidders. The competitive shopping experience will be truly unique.

The experience begins when a consumer places a bid on an item using credits from their bid pack, which they will need to purchase prior to placing any bids. The placement of the initial bid starts a countdown timer. Whenever a consumer places a bid on an item, a bid credit is taken from their bid pack. Simultaneously, the auction price increases by a penny and 30 seconds is added to the countdown timer. When the timer runs out, the last bid determines the winner of the item being auctioned. It is not unheard of for expensive items to be acquired for a few measly dollars.

To herald the launch of pennyauction.com, the partners responsible for bringing it to life are holding a prelaunch giveaway, with thousands of dollars in bid packs up for the taking, in addition to numerous free prizes. No purchase is necessary, and the consumer need only provide their name and email address to enter in the drawing. With prizes awarded on a weekly basis, consumers have several more chances to win iPods, gift cards and bid packs.

The management behind pennyauction.com realizes that some consumers may be reluctant to participate in a new form of auction, and may be uneasy given recent revelations of wrongdoing by some operators of penny auctions. To help build trust among consumers, pennyauction.com will actively block the use of bots, root out shill bidding, and validate that all auction wins are fulfilled. The partners responsible for pennyauction.com promise a transparent operation and will constantly evaluate their processes to ensure that the consumer enjoys a safe, secure and fair bidding experience.

Online shoppers love great deals, and with pennyauction.com, they will be able to compete for products and potentially walk away with fantastic deals that save them loads of money. Just as traditional biddings sites such as eBay reshaped the shopping landscape many years ago, so too will penny auction sites. "In today's economic world, every bit of money saved helps, and with pennyauction.com, we offer our clients an opportunity to realize unprecedented deals on highly coveted products. Clients only have to win once to realize profound savings," explains Peter Lessard, a founding partner of pennyauction.com.

Pennyauction.com promises to be one of the largest penny auction sites in the United States. The site is poised to launch on November 15, 2010, and when it opens its doors, it will auction off loads of coveted products including, but not limited to electronic equipment, televisions, computers as well as household items and gift cards.

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