New Site Reveals Natural Approach To Prevent Angina Pectoris in Men and Women

With this new site, men and women will discover that despite what pharmaceutical companies and doctors say, the best way to head off angina pain and conquer their fear of stroke & heart attacks is through natural therapies.

Online PR News – 24-October-2010 – – Angina is a serious condition that is front and center for many Americans given its profound impact on those afflicted by it, and the frequency with which it appears among individuals, young and old. Angina strikes across all boundaries, hitting both men and women alike irrespective of age. It is against this backdrop that Enhance Nutraceutical has launched its new site in order to better inform people about angina and its deadly consequences, and to provide the requisite information regarding treatment options particularly to those who seek a natural approach to dealing with angina pectoris.

The increasing number of men and women who suffer from angina pectoris is a serious concern, with over 10 million people in the United States suffering from angina. Each year, the number of new cases of angina is estimated at half a million, and the number of new and recurrent coronary attacks is pegged at 1.26 million cases on an annual basis. Given these staggering figures, it is not surprising that the pharmaceutical companies are out in force, each trying to outdo the other in their quest to dominate the angina landscape. Unfortunately, pharmaceuticals are not always the best approach, as they often come with undesired side effects, some of which may even prove to be lethal.

Angina is fueling the growth of pharmaceutical products dedicated to thwarting the effects of angina. Moreover, a cottage industry has sprouted in support of the legions of men and women seeking relief from angina. Not surprisingly, doctors, pharmaceutical companies and other medical professionals are all stepping up in an effort to help those suffering from angina.

While pharmaceutical products and medical services have worked well for many who suffer from angina, they are not without side effects. Pharmaceuticals designed to alleviate angina may sometimes end up causing unwanted discomfort such as headaches, weight gain, upset stomach, nasal congestion and in some cases liver damage. Understandably, some are reluctant to take products that may render them stuffy nosed, dizzy, fat and with itchy skin for hours on end. For many, the best treatment for angina is not through a pharmaceutical product, but rather through natural therapies.

Indeed, when it comes to angina, there is a better, all natural alternative, free of unwanted and dangerous side effects. The newly launched site,, is dedicated to delivering the information and products that men and women need in their search for an all natural treatment for angina. Their solution proposed on the site is simple yet effective. The natural therapy approach employs numerous natural products that deliver consistent results over a period of time. In lieu of pharmaceutical products, the website advocates natural heart therapies, which are made from all natural ingredients.

“Ultimately, it comes down to preventing the occurrence of life threatening angina in such a way as to avoid introducing risk and other unwanted side effects, and the best way to accomplish that is by following an approach that employs all natural products” notes Michael Dess, the entrepreneur behind

Enhance Nutraceutical is dedicated to pharmaceutical free solutions to help battle the problems brought about by angina. Its new site focuses on an all natural approach to dealing with angina that is afflicting millions of men and women today.

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