Walmart launches a green revolution

Walmart is developing a ‘sustainability index’ for rating its hundreds of thousands of products which will transform the way companies manage their carbon footprint, reports Envido.

Online PR News – 25-September-2009 – – Everything this giant of the shopping world sells would be labelled with a number or a symbol showing the product’s carbon footprint, through its full life cycle- from the extraction of raw materials to its disposal as waste.

The move would reach far beyond Walmart’s stores. It’s 100,000-plus suppliers would have to reveal their carbon footprint or have their products taken off their shelves. They are also likely to become greener to attain a higher rating, as shoppers use them to guide purchasing and minimise their own carbon footprint.

Global impact of Walmart's 'sustainability index'

The impact would be global; one in every five of China’s factories is thought to be in the supply chain of goods the retailer sells. Its an example of the green entrepreneurship that one Walmart top executive calls ‘the biggest business opportunity of the next 50 years’. Or, as the business guru CK Phahald put it in the Harvard Business Review. "The quest for sustainability is starting to transform the competitive landscape. Sustainable corporations will emerge from today’s recession to upset the status quo.’