Travel Web Solution and Fraud Cover launch a Complete Anti-Fraud Solution for online Credit Card Transactions

The FraudCover service is live and operational. Fraudsters beware: your travel plans have been canceled!

Online PR News – 25-September-2009 – – FraudCover is a new product specially tailored to the travel and leisure industry with a compelling value proposition: freedom and peace of mind.

FraudCover not only protects merchants by weeding out fraudulent transactions, but it covers losses from unauthorized payment card use*.

The unique merchant protection system uses key information metrics to identify suspicious purchasing activity. FraudCover is offered in two packages, giving customers the flexibility to adjust the solution to their specific needs: FraudCover Express and FraudCover Complete.

FraudCover Express is the fastest way to ensure that a transaction is a genuine purchase. Driven by a proprietary algorithm, the system generates an instant safety rating for each individual transaction in real time. Every purchase marked as safe comes with a financial guarantee that minimizes fraud losses.

Building upon the protection provided by the automated FraudCover Express, FraudCover Complete brings a human element of security and increases clients’ total revenue stream. A specialized team of Fraud Safety Agents analyzes and validates the transactions that do not earn a Safe rating during the FraudCover Express check.

In addition to utilizing a number of industry-specific fraud criteria, FraudCover has built a large database of confirmed fraudulent transactions. The database is continually updated with names, billing details and other information specific to the type of transaction in order to quickly detect any fraud attempts using already codified, known patterns.

FraudCover is very serious about data security and privacy. All customer information is secured through 256-bit Rijndael encryption algorithm and all PCI compliance recommendations are strictly enforced.

About Travel Web Solution:
Travelwebsolution (“TWS”) is a new concept in the world of software solutions for the travel industry.  TWS is all about identifying specific needs, finding a trail leading towards a solution, adapting the solution to the specific market needs and commercializing it.

About FraudCover:
FraudCover is an innovative company dedicated to fighting online payment card fraud in the travel marketplace. FraudCover protects merchants from losses stemming from unauthorized payment card use. FraudCover’s strong focus and state-of-the-art risk estimation algorithms offer unrivaled security at a very attractive price making it the most cost-effective solution on the market.

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*Certain restrictions apply.