Data centre managers fail on energy management

Research shows data centre managers are still not making energy efficiency a priority, reports Envido

Online PR News – 25-September-2009 – – New Gartner research has found that many data centre managers have yet to turn on the energy measurement and monitoring tools they need to kick start energy consumption reduction initiatives and begin considering energy management a priority.

Gartner said that energy management both in terms of capacity and cost can only be effective through advanced energy monitoring, modelling and measuring techniques and processes in their data centers. The poll found that for two-thirds of IT and data centre managers, data centre energy management is their top green IT priority for the next 18 months. However, just 7 % said they consider green procurement to create more energy-efficient solutions as a top priority.

The observation comes as Gartner revealed that as many as 48% of data centre managers have apparently still not even considered the issue of energy management metrics.

By better understanding IT assets from an energy management perspective, IT managers can improve their green IT efforts and optimise existing systems so that they can become more sustainable and help to reduce total operational costs.

Russell Lerman, co-Managing Director at Envido, remarked, “Metrics are basic to get accurate energy data, which is essential to evaluating basic costs, proportioning these costs to different users and setting policies for improvement in energy management.”

Upcoming legislative pressure on energy management

Gartner recommends that data centre managers use sensors to monitor potential energy hotspots, develop a dashboard of data centre energy-efficient metrics, and improve the use of the existing infrastructure through consolidation and virtualisation before building out or buying new data centre floor space.

Despite many managers' failure to level energy monitoring tools IT departments are expected to come under increased legislative pressure to report on their energy management and related carbon emissions over the next two years.

The UK's Carbon Reduction Commitment, to be launched next month of April, 2010 will force an estimated 5,000 organisations to publish detailed information on their energy use and carbon emissions which that will ease the energy management.