The Empire Formula Review - Launching October 26th

The Empire Formula Review: Anik Singal is launching the biggest course of 2010 the empire formula.

Online PR News – 23-October-2010 – – Welcome to the empire formula review. The empire formula is shaping up to be the biggest launch of 2010, have you seen this yet? Anik Singal who was a dropout from college has now generated over $32 million dollars in sales online, thus finally creating the ultimate course, the empire formula. Anik Singal was one of the top three finalists in Business Week’s Top 25 Best Young Entrepreneurs in the U.S. in 2008. He was on a mission to change the world by creating information for entrepreneurs worldwide.

Anik Singal has already got a huge reputation and credibility after making million dollars from his own companies; he was recognized by the INC 500 and won a few serious business awards for starting up a high-potential business online. As a result users who join the empire formula will be taught intensely by Anik Singal and learn the online business skills from a real-life professional company owner.

The empire formula is very unique in various ways, Anik teaches his course in the do this do that approach via video, so people don’t get confused and can watch everything Anik does live on screen. The course teaches beginners anything they need to know, they don’t have to have no experience at all in running a successful online business.
Anik will ensure that people know what they are doing, so they can start to make money by the end of learning his business tricks and strategies. If there are people who are desperately looking to succeed online and break financially free, and learn from a real-life online company owner that has made 30 Million Dollars over just 6 years, the empire formula is suitable for them.

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