TFCC Partners with ZOS Communications to Offer Location-Based Notification Technology

TFCC strengthens notification system, TFCC Alert, by offering capability to send location based notifications to recipient’s smart phone.

Online PR News – 22-October-2010 – – : Twenty First Century Communications (TFCC) announces a new function for its TFCC Alert® notification system, an industry first, location-based message feature.

This new location-based notification technology first determines where you are and then sends critical and timely information directly to your smart phone. Unlike regular text messages, it allows unlimited text message length, embedded pictures, hyperlinks, maps, and even turn-by-turn directions. All this can be done automatically, greatly improving the effectiveness of the alert.

This feature is a result of TFCC’s partnership with ZOS Communications. According to TFCC Vice President of Sales and Marketing Bently Collier, the partnership with ZOS solves a common notification problem. “In the event of an emergency, it’s very difficult to tell which of your first responders or employees may be impacted or available to assist. TFCC Alert’s ZOS technology solves that problem,” said Collier.

“This technology alerts people where they stand, saving time, money and, potentially lives,” said Jon Ziskind, CEO and co-Founder for ZOS Communications. “It helps coordinate response and service teams based on roles and proximity to locations, can find and route back-up staff in a crisis, even route employees and their families to safety,” added Keith Collins, director of public safety solutions at ZOS Communications.

The location-based notification add-on supports all telecom carriers, commercial mapping systems, most mobile devices and operating systems. This greatly simplifies integration and reduces implementation costs for agencies and companies that must provide effective notification solutions within limited budgets.

TFCC Alert uses multiple communication channels including voice, email, SMS, fax, and social networking applications Twitter and Facebook. “But emergencies are geographical in nature, and it is location that makes all of this information relevant to the user in a crisis regardless of which channel is employed to deliver the message,” concluded Collins.

New information and communications technologies are raising expectations for what can be achieved with notification – in terms of messaging speed, targeting and audience interaction during emergency events. Agency and company decision makers now face the challenge of choosing and leveraging the right technologies, both new and emerging, that provide the greatest benefit for their employees and citizens. This new ZOS location-based technology saves time, resources and lives, ensuring the safety of employees and the citizens they are charged to protect.

TFCC Alert can greatly enhance location-based messaging capabilities in a variety of industries and applications including emergency management and company continuity of operations, anywhere in which location information can be harnessed to improve efficiency, or create new business opportunities.

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ZOS Communications is defining the location-based services (LBS) marketplace by playing an important role in your daily life as you move through the world. ZOS’ Geospatial platform and products incorporate location-triggering capabilities into the next generation of solutions for communications, security, and enterprise productivity. The ZOS Location-Aware Notification Plug-In allows Mass Notification vendors to location enable their systems so that, in the time of a crisis or event, the right people can be notified where they stand. For more information about the ZOS Communication geospatial platform or the Location-Aware Notification Plug-In please visit

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