Hasbro Monopoly: a History Tracing Back to 1903

New Site for the History and Product of Monopoly

Online PR News – 22-October-2010 – – Monopoly, the Parker Brothers board game, conjures up fun childhood memories of getting out of jail free, buying up Broadway and driving around in a sports car.
Players wanted to get rich by hoarding real estate and stacking up money, and it sparked the prosperity mindset among competitors trying to see who could amass the most wealth in the shortest amount of time.
Monopoly has been around since 1903, when Elizabeth (Lizzie) J. Magie Phillips created a game she hoped would help explain Henry George’s single tax theory by emphasizing the downside of concentrating land among a handful of owners. Her game, called “The Landlord’s Game,” was commercially published in 1924. It later was renamed “Monopoly,” to teach how a few people became incredibly wealthy by financially breaking other companies and keeping the money among one or a handful of individuals.
It remains a hot seller and dominated sales during the 2009 Christmas holiday, and it’s ironic that the game is still so relevant because it still teaches what happens in big business today.
A new website highlights the Hasbro Monopoly game, the games’ history and different versions of Monopoly at http://www.HasbroMonopoly.com.
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