Entrepreneurs in The Caribbean Islands Look to Make a Splash in the World Economy

When you think of the Caribbean, you might picture a tropical paradise with friendly people and world-class luxury resorts.

Online PR News – 25-September-2009 – – When you think of the Caribbean, you might picture a tropical paradise with friendly people and world-class luxury resorts. It’s a place where you would want to go on your honeymoon or just to escape from city life when it gets on your nerves. Normally, most people would not consider the Caribbean as a place for doing business; let alone starting one. Well, that’s all changing at this very moment and now could be the best time to get involved in a new movement while it is still in its formative stages.
While immaculate beaches with a view of the vast turquoise sea may be an ideal destination for your next vacation, it’s also become an ideal place for entrepreneurs and existing companies to either start or expand a business. Many Americans, Canadians and Europeans have come to study in countries like Jamaica, Barbados, Grenada, St. Lucia, Antigua and Puerto Rico because of programs set up by their governments to attract students from all over the globe, making the Caribbean a breeding ground for the next wave of bright new innovators in science, technology, medicine and business management. Particular attention has been paid to improving research programs in nanotechnology and ocean energy as investors look for innovative ideas from entrepreneurs who are looking to start new industries that create new opportunities for growth not only within the region, but also internationally.
From an investor’s standpoint, having the beach close by is not the only advantage for starting a business in the Caribbean. Some countries have taken steps of attracting companies to the Caribbean by reducing the cost of doing business (such as low or no income and capital gain taxes), which has led to a noticeable increase in foreign investors. As entrepreneurs begin their efforts to hit upon an opportunity to showcase their ideas, finding independent investors becomes crucial. Many young entrepreneurs will have a hard time finding venture capital in a region that has not yet established itself as a business centre. That’s where business angels enter.
Angel investors are affluent individuals who are willing to take on the challenge of preparing intelligent yet inexperienced entrepreneurs for the challenge of establishing new companies by not only providing monetary backing, but also sharing their knowledge of the market and how to weather the bumps along the way. That’s why the Angel Investment Network is such a vital forum for investors and entrepreneurs to meet and realize their common goal: putting the Caribbean on the world economic map.
Visit the Caribbean branch of the Angel Investment Network for more information: http://www.caribbeaninvestmentnetwork.com/ and view some of the latest business proposals at - http://www.caribbeaninvestmentnetwork.com/home/110