Adrac Ltd demystifies paid search management

The purpose of paid search management is to use the expertise and experience of pay per click (PPC) account managers or search engine marketers (SEM) to your advantage.

Online PR News – 22-October-2010 – – The purpose of paid search management is to use the expertise and experience of pay per click (PPC) account managers or search engine marketers (SEM) to your advantage.

A paid search expert will take responsibility for monetising your internet advertising, ensuring increased quality (paying) traffic and an impressive return on investment (ROI).

In short, you save money on your cost per click (CPC), make money on your sales, and it's risk-free.

Occasionally, there is a suspicion of internet marketing companies that state how wonderful they are and how they can improve your traffic, sales and profits - it all sounds too good to be true.

In selected cases, however, these claims are correct: a seasoned professional can transform a website's success rate, almost as if they wielded a magic wand.

Following that train of thought, PPC is sometimes thought of as a Dark Art, leading to the sense that there is something dishonest about its practices; that it should be mistrusted. This misconception is largely the fault of fly-by-night practitioners.

But, let's look at the positives.

A paid search manager is bringing the wealth of their experience into play. Those at the top of their game will also possess a degree of instinct.

Adrac Ltd is among a relative minority of internet marketing companies that have thrived in the aftermath post dotcom bust of 1999.

It has built years of experience - since 2003 in fact, its employees cutting their teeth along with Google and its AdWords.

A good company will have survived this long; it's easy to spot the cowboys - they don't last, they can't last, because effective paid search management is a proven activity, and the proof is in the return on investment and profits. Moreover, if you hire a superior account manager, this success happens quite quickly.

Many companies have likely tried to administer their paid search accounts in house and discovered that they can't get their budgeted investment to produce a decent return. Perhaps they think it is impossible, or a con. But just because the internet is accessible, it does not necessarily follow that everyone can read the instructions and get the best results.

Put another way, effective search management will analyse and act on the analysis, to reduce the ROI, to attract quality traffic, improve the website's profits, utilise the best and win the most advantageous keywords.

A skilled account manager will increase your visibility, reduces the risk of low yield investments and heighten your control over.

Diagnostics and feedback will identify weak areas or unrealised opportunities, pinpoint high yield targets, develop a clear and coherent brand and service message, create and deploy a robust reporting and feedback mechanism, and increase the capability for intelligent and informed marketing decisions.

It is skilled, practical, fast-moving, interactive and intuitive, and your business cannot afford to be without it, because it will promote greater market awareness of your business and product and add value to your marketing campaigns as a whole.
Bad management will not.

About Adrac Ltd
Adrac Ltd is an internet marketing company, established in the North West in 2003 and is part of Reach Global Ltd. It is a Google, MSN and Yahoo - accredited company and works to the highest possible standards and working practices. This year it made the top five for local search in the UK, the judging criteria for which includes customer satisfaction.