Texas Enforces Strict Penalties for Auto Insurance Violators

Doubting drivers in Texas might find that they're better off financially by purchasing an auto insurance policy rather than going without coverage.

Online PR News – 22-October-2010 – – The Lone Star State, like most others, requires all motorists on the road to carry auto insurance in order to be in compliance with the law. In this week’s FAQ, the writers at OnlineAutoInsurance.com outline the penalties for drivers who do not abide by this state mandate.

Consumers who are concerned about the consequences of driving uninsured but do not currently have protection in place may want to locate a cheap Texas liability insurance policy as soon as possible, as the penalties may be harsh.

Despite the financial punishments in place, a large proportion of drivers in Texas still head out onto the road without coverage. The Insurance Research Council has estimated that, in 2007, approximately 15 percent of the driving population lacked proper coverage.

But what may not be known by these motorists is that the repercussions of getting caught behind the wheel without a policy may end up costing more than it would have been to purchase a policy in the first place. A first conviction may result in a one-time court-issued fine ranging between $175 and $350. In addition, the offending motorist may have to pay a yearly fine of $250 for three years following a conviction in order to maintain a driver’s license. That means ignoring the state coverage mandate could wind up costing a driver upwards of $925.

Source: http://www.tdi.state.tx.us/auto/younginsure.html

Considering the costs that would come with having to pay for an accident out of pocket, along with the fact that the National Association of Insurance Commissioners has estimated that the average cost of coverage in 2007 was estimated to be $808, driving without a Texas policy could prove to be an extremely bad financial decision.

To access the full FAQ, readers can visit http://www.onlineautoinsurance.com/ where they will also be able to search for a cheap policy by using the free quote-comparison generator.

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