Capital Raising 101 eBook Published by Nicholas Assef to help Entrepreneurs Ready for Fundraising

Capital Raising 101 eBook aimed at helping start up entrepreneurs understand the hard & soft skills required to successfully raise capital

Online PR News – 10-August-2016 – Sydney, Australia – With over 25 years corporate finance & legal experience, corporate advisory firm Lincoln Crowne & Company's Nicholas Assef has published a concise eBook titled: "Capital Raising 101: Insights For Sharpening Your Pitch To Attract Early Stage Investment" to assist entrepreneurs better understand the commercial requirements involved in preparing for a fundraising.

"There are no guarantees in early stage capital raisings," Nicholas Assef commented. "With the competition for funding remaining fierce, it is essential for entrepreneurs to prepare both pitch materials and themselves as efficiently & meticulously as possible to give their venture the best chance for success," Nicholas Assef continued.

There are no guarantees in early stage capital raisings

The eBook was written with two key sections, under a self-imposed maximum length of 5,000 words. This aimed at ensuring as much valuable information as practicable was packed into a convenient to read publication.

The first section provides a framework on the mechanics of preparing for a capital raising, including providing insight into the logic for each of the pieces of work recommended to be prepared.

The second, headed "Presenting with Influence", provides suggestions & insights to assist the entrepreneur with the daunting task of ensuring that the delivered "pitch" is of the highest quality possible, doing justice to their vision, and hopefully achieving the goal of attracting the interest of an investor.

"I have found many entrepreneurs are so passionate about their venture that they can lose perspective on how to present a compelling and concise investment proposal that will secure funding. As such what I have produced is a "focus on basics" guide to help entrepreneurs step outside their growing organisation and objectively understand approaches to commercially plan and prepare for the capital raising journey," Nicholas Assef concluded.

The guide will be available on Amazon's Kindle section, and via various App stores, on or about 1st September, or by request at

It will be free to download, but comes with a request by the author for readers to make a small donation to a children's cause or a cause that supports victims of online hate & cyberbullying.