An Unknown Band Has Just Released A Music Video With More ‘Bling’ Than Any Puff Daddy Or U2 Video Combined Thanks To Some Help From The European Space Agency.

Online PR News – 22-October-2010 – – This week, the band GRAINS OF SOUND unveiled their new video ‘Low Earth Orbit’ using HD footage shot from the International Space Station. Instead of a ‘pimped-out’ 4x4, gaze at a Soyuz Spacecraft. Instead of a big booty, admire Mother Earth, the Sun and the Moon.

The video shows, in stunning High Definition, the Earth turning, a beautiful sunset, the moon rising, and more. The video’s director, Dr. Paul Phillip Green says, “I am a huge fan of the International Space Station and all the brave and brilliant men and women who have made it a reality. When GRAINS OF SOUND played me the song ‘Low Earth Orbit’, I was inspired to make this video a reality too.” ‘Low Earth Orbit’ is entertaining, educational, and humbling all at the same time.

The video was made possible by a benevolent agreement, in the true spirit of the European Space Agency. “As a small band, we had no budget to pay our director, let alone launch a rocket,” says bandmember Jason Sevanick. GRAINS OF SOUND offered to license music to the European Space Agency in exchange for the footage edited in the video. “If you include the travel costs and the building of the set, then we definitely win the title of most expensive music video” says Green, “but I think the cameraperson deserves all the credit for capturing the view.” Together, art and science combine to make an amazing experience for everyone in the world to share.

The GRAINS OF SOUND song ‘Low Earth Orbit’ appears on the album ‘Sine Language - Volume 3 (Under)’, released April 20, 2010 on AlterCulture Records. ‘Sine Language’ is a three volume concept album about the transcendent power of music to communicate beyond the barriers of time, space, and culture. Each volume features their hypnotic futuristic sound, both worldly and other-worldly. But each volume of Sine Language explores different styles and intensity levels of this unified vibe.


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