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This press release informs the readers about Campbell Solberg Associates, Inc. a leading New York Insurance Agency and various insurance related services by them in the United States of America.

Online PR News – 21-October-2010 – – Campbell Solberg Associates, a foremost and most reputable insurance agency known for their honest and sincere advice announces the launch of its top of the line online individual insurance quote services. These quotes will be very helpful for those people who want to compare various available individual insurance options before choosing the one that suits them most. It’s no secret that the most important aspect of the policy is the cost and the facilities offered in that given cost. They offer a detailed comparison from all the major insurance companies with regard to the features of the policy and the cost of the policy.

It happens that a particular company offers a particular policy at a lower price. In such a case, it’s vital that the client must inquire what kind of coverage they are offering in that price. At Campbell Solberg Associates, they make sure that all the aspects of the policy are made clear to the client in the beginning itself. This is helpful for both client and the insurance agent at the time of filing a claim as the client doesn’t feel that he was not been informed about the absence of certain aspects in the beginning which might be important for him. They make it very clear to their clients that the facilities offered by insurance policy are directly proportion to the cost of the policy.

This service of individual insurance quote will benefit laymen enormously and will save them valuable time which they would have otherwise wasted by calling on different insurance companies and collecting their quotes and making a comparison chart. Their vast experience of around eight decades makes Campbell Solberg Associates the most sought after insurance agency in New York. They don’t just want to sell a policy to their clients but want to create a trustworthy and honest relationship with them.
Campbell Solberg Associates are also known for their clean track record and prompt after sales services. They offer a complete and tailor made solution for all insurance needs under one roof. For accurate individual insurance quote and to know more about other services that they offer, check out their website

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