Reliable Laboratory Weights with life-time guarantee

METTLER TOLEDO has launched its Signature Line - the world's first hand-selected weights with guaranteed positive tolerances and a life-time guarantee.

Online PR News – 21-October-2010 – – The International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) defines positive and negative tolerance ranges for weights. Traditional weight manufacturing with mechanical weight polishing normally targets the zero line. METTLER TOLEDO is the first manufacturer to apply a unique electrolytic adjustment process featuring fine-tuning in the upper part of the positive tolerance range. Since weights become lighter over the course of their use, the main benefit is obvious: A far longer life span with the stability of the weight value guaranteed.

Stay-in-tolerance guarantee
Hans Jorg Burkhard, Head of "Weights and Calibration Services" at METTLER TOLEDO explained, "The ambitious testing procedures of our customers demand long lasting reliable weights accuracy. Our Swiss made weights enjoy a solid reputation throughout the world. This includes technical qualities such as accuracy, reliability, and longevity, achieved by using a one-piece construction, the so called Monobloc, as well as soft quality factors such as outstanding customer service. Now, with the Signature Line, we offer these world-class weights hand selected with a unique certified "zero plus" in OIML classes E1, E2 and F1. This means we are able to guarantee Signature Line Weights stay in tolerance for a life-time. Should a weight fall out of tolerance at any point in the life cycle, we will replace it free of charge".

Purity and durability
All Signature Line Weights consist of high-grade stainless steel, melted under vacuum. This ensures consistent material density and high quality by reducing undesired trace elements, removing dissolved gases and improving oxide cleanliness. In traditional weight manufacturing, mechanical polishing is the last process step prior to cleaning and calibration. To achieve an unmatched surface quality, METTLER TOLEDO uses an electrolytic adjustment process: By immersing the weight into a computer controlled electrolytic bath, the smallest amounts of material are taken off the weight, resulting in a much smoother surface. Thus, the oxide layer is more compact, resulting in improved stability of the weight value.

Accuracy of calibration
With investments in cutting-edge robot technology combined with decades of experience METTLER TOLEDO has opened up a new field in weight calibration. Computer-controlled processes eliminate human error and lead to reproducible results. The Signature Line is a new high-end level in weights manufacturing, building on the high quality that the Premium Line stands for.