Technosphere Labs launches ‘WhizBlox’ – A Smart IoT Hub

Technosphere Labs launches WhizBlox, a multi protocol IoT Hub that seamlessly integrates more than 100 sensors for quick deployment of vertical IoT solutions.

Online PR News – 02-August-2016 – Bangalore, India - July 25, 2016 – Technosphere Labs, a leading digital product development and IOT connectivity solutions company, announces the launch of: ‘WhizBlox (, a multi protocol IoT Hub that seamlessly integrates more than 100 sensors for quick deployment of vertical IoT solutions’.

“We will continue to help integrate the Physical world with the Digital world through innovative smart - connected devices and smart industry solutions,” said Shaun Mitra, Chief Business Officer, Technosphere Labs.

Architecture and Vertical Applications
WhizBlox consists of three vital hardware blocks to help in smart IoT connectivity – network processing modules (NPMs) for intelligent custom design, customized carrier boards to house an array of NPMs and shields to provide custom interface for sensors and optimization of housekeeping functions.

WhizBlox helps in quick and easy deployment of sensor- device integration, across multiple applications such as Smart Home/Building, Smart City, Industrial IoT, eHealth, Retail IoT, Smart Agriculture, Smart Water, Logistics, Smart Metering and Safety & Security.

WhizBlox offerings can provide significant value to the new generation big data and analytics service providers, IT services companies focussed on IOT vertical solutions and digital product start-up companies. They can leverage “WhizBlox” to implement and integrate multiple technologies to provide cost effective and quick rollout of IOT solutions.

“Businesses benefit from rapid deployment of IoT technology – with Whizblox, we bring in an innovative approach for quick prototyping and development of these solutions,” says Bhaskar Rao, Founder and CEO, Technosphere Labs.

About Technosphere Labs
Technosphere Labs provides end to end product engineering services and Internet of Things (IOT) connectivity solutions. It helps clients build smart digital products with multiple sensors and embedded technologies, to connect to the cloud.

Technosphere Labs is headquartered in Bangalore, India with a branch office in Dallas, USA.

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