Port Washington Entrepreneur Launches New Cookware Line

Housekeeper Crockery introduces eco friendly heirloom pieces handmade in US

Online PR News – 01-August-2016 – Port Washington, Wisconsin – What do you get when you pair a nationally recognized historical novelist and passionate chef with an entrepreneur's desire to bring artisan-made products back to the American kitchen?

If you're Sara Dahmen from Port Washington, you get Housekeeper Crockery, a line of one-of-a-kind 100% American-made products painstakingly crafted for the artisan's kitchen. Tall, cylindrical copper pots that harken back to those crafted in the early 1800s by Paul Revere, spun and hand-tinned the way they were centuries ago. Hand poured cast iron skillets, classically styled with modern adaptations and sold raw or pre seasoned. Individually hand-made pottery bowls, spun, painted and fired in Wisconsin. Built for their superior capabilities but eco-friendly, beautiful and made to last for generations.

"Everyone is talking about the importance of natural, organic food - how and where it's grown, how it's cooked and presented, what we're using to season and flavor it...but nobody's asking about the authenticity of the products we're preparing our food in," Dahmen explained. "We're taking lovingly grown organic produce and humanely raised beef, seasoning it with unprocessed oils and fresh herbs, and throwing it into cookware that is made from impure materials and leaches little understood chemicals into our food."

When sourcing American companies to help create Housekeeper Crockery wares, Dahmen prioritized local and Midwestern family owned and operated artisans whenever possible and worked to establish who understood their craft with years of experience under their belt. "There were a lot of cold calls, a lot of experimental questions," Dahmen revealed. "Not only did we find amazing vendors who are incredibly generous with their knowledge and willing to try our design ideas, but we also love that we can support these families who are working hard to keep their own businesses and particular trade alive." Each vendor who creates the Housekeeper Crockery line comes with several decades of background in their craft, and has an inherent understanding of the pure materials with which each item is made.

Dahmen is a graduate of Marquette University. After graduation she working in marketing before starting a wedding and event coordinating company. Throughout the years, Sara meticulously researched, wrote and published a women's historical fiction novel called "Doctor Kinney's Housekeeper". It was during the extensive research process that Dahmen revealed her passions for forged , hammered and hand-crafted cookware, and the book was the catalyst for the all-American-made kitchenware line Housekeeper Crockery. "Doctor Kinney's Housekeeper" has since been awarded the Grand Prize Laramie Award in western historical fiction by the Chanticleer Book Reviews.

In addition to developing the Housekeeper Crockery line of cookware, Dahmen has since been on author panels in Washington State, and spoke at TEDx in Rapid City, SD in June 2016. She will also be speaking at the Historical Writers of America conference in Williamsburg in August 2016. She is an apprentice tin and copper smith, and will be participating in demonstrations at convergences this summer.

For more information, please contact Sara Dahmen at 414-534-6943, or visit www.housekeepercrockery.com.

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