Oye Bochaleg! - The New Curse Word of "The Idiot Salesman"

"Oye Bochaleg" is becoming an Internet sensation with the launch of the new web series called "The Idiot Salesman" by PotShotsTV.

Online PR News – 02-August-2016 – Mumbai – Something that has recently propped on the Youtube and making its mark albeit slowly and steadily winning hearts. The series named “The Idiot Salesman” by PotShotsTV.

The story revolves around a sales executive who works for a marketing firm named ATS Marketing selling products by visiting houses. Mr. Rangeen Chawla (aka The Idiot Salesman) has a dream to become “the top salesman of Bamandayapada (to start with) followed by Mumbai and the world”. Well the dream just doesn’t end with being a salesman, he loves to try his hands at whatever he gets. I found the first episode very intriguing with Mr. Rangeen Chawla in an Audition for a Hindi Serial of Ekatji named “Kahani Ek Superman Ki”. He fails badly but I can associate with the dilemma of multiple dreams as you try to climb the ladder. He has this Indian Middle Class dream of trying to do whatever that can make him something worthy.

Mr. Rangeen Chawla is convincingly played by Sambhaji Sasane which takes you on a journey of a salesman. The character’s honest overconfident nature is nice surprise in the genre of web series. The best part is that he doesn’t understand what he does but he seems pretty confident about what he is doing until his friend the camera asks him. The Idiot Salesman also has a new format where the camera is a character and he speaks with Mr. Rangeen Chawla. The Interaction between the camera and Mr. Rangeen Chawla is a craving point in the episode. It’s like you would like to wait for the opportunity where Rangeen would do something silly and is asked by the Camera “Yeh Bochaleg kya hain?”. The camera is the side of his life which constantly makes him feel grounded and acts like a mirror to showcase his idiotness.

Having said that the technical work could have been a bit stronger. Hopefully, the next episode caters to this problem.

If you are in for some sensible and comedy that grips you as you start watching it.. Go ahead and watch “The Idiot Salesman”. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DOWPGb3d7w)