ArgonBoards launches of i.MX6 Sololite Multi-purpose IOT reference board and LS1021A community board

ArgonBoards proudly announces the launch of i.MX6 Sololite Multi-purpose IOT gateway reference board and LS1021A community boards at

Online PR News – 01-August-2016 – Gurgaon – ArgonBoards launched two of the most dynamic IoT products, i.MX6 Sololite Multi-purpose IoT gateway reference board and LS1021A community board. Argonboards provide board and software solutions completely changing the IoT market. Production ready reference designs, assembled and tested PCB's and modules with board support package, applications and documentations are being made easily accessible, much to the delight of all the tech enthusiasts.These unique and innovative products are available for sale at their website at very affordable prices.

About i.MX6_SL

Based on the NXP i.MX_6 application processor, the i.MX6 IoT gateway is designed for the next generation of low power and wireless connectivity applications like BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and Zigbee. Equipped with more than just Wi-Fi capabilities, this intelligent controller platform provides high performance processing capabilities and is optimized for lowest power consumption. Additionally, this board can be used as a validation and development platform for software stack development for i.MX6_SL processor as well as Wi-Fi, blue-tooth, BLE and Zigbee applications. With an on-board Wi-Fi combo interface having client and access point capabilities, this gateway allows designers to quickly add internet connectivity to various applications. Some of its key highlights include providing information to the user about sensor parameters from every part of the area it's being used for, generating alarm in case of threshold breach and allowing users to access the system from there smartphones using the internet. It also has a USB interface which can be used to boot up the board and is FCC compliant ready.

About LS1021A community board

LS1021A community board is a low cost, fully featured, open source next generation IoT gateway reference design supporting a broad array of IoT applications including building / home management, smart cities and networked industrial documents. This handy IoT gateway reference design based on LS1021A embedded processor combines open source framework software with cloud based mobile Apps used for video streaming from the community board. It is equipped with a wide array of both high speed connectivity and low speed serial interfaces to support a wide level of versatility. it is also suitable for communication solutions provided by Arduino Shield modules. Engineered to allow companies to quickly evaluate the LS1021A architecture and build a demo of their end application accordingly, the LS1021A-COMMBD can significantly help OEM's and ODM's quickly reduce investment costs.

About Argonboards

Argonboards is a solution sales portal of VVDN Technologies, a leading ODM company that has been partnered by product design services having world-class experience in developing high-end embedded solutions. There expertise spans across the entire embedded product design cycle - from specifications to design and development, OS porting, optimization and application development. VVDN and NXP teamed up to provide production ready boards which are cost effective and help you design next generation IoT products.

Both these products are available for sale on